Learn More About Korea's Latest Beauty Hack

In the era of Instagram selfies, enhancing one's natural beauty can be done with one click of its built-in filters. However, Korea's latest beauty trend "blurring" is about to change all that with the help of a few simple makeup tricks. The blurring technique is applying very light makeup and skincare, but doing so in a way that almost clouds your unwanted pimples and blemishes without looking like you've spent too much time in front of the mirror.

"Korean women are finding that in the age of HDTV and up close and personal high-res selfies, your flaws can be clearly seen, so it's better to 'blur' out your look a bit," beauty expert and SokoGlam founder Charlotte Cho told Marie Claire. "You're using formulas that disguise fine lines, uneven skin tone, patchy skin, and dark spots, but not so much coverage that you look heavily made up."

Blurred makeup has its roots in Korea, but more and more people are discovering the many advantages to this technique. There are plenty of blurring beauty products, including primers, beauty creams, and lip balms available worldwide to help you achieve the best results.

"It's not going to completely cover up that pimple, but it will hide it a bit, making you look bright and natural looking, but not flawless," Cho says. Visit to learn more about her favorite blurring makeup and skincare products.