Kids Make Their Moms Take A Lie Detector Test

I have gone on record asserting that all mothers lie. Don't take my word for it: check out these moms taking a lie detector test administered by their own kids. They want the truth? THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Except actually it looks like they not only want the truth, but can handle the truth, and find the truth pretty hysterical.

If you're a mother, you already know moms lie. If you're not a mother and this upsets you, I can't take your judgement seriously because you can't understand how very necessary some lies. (Sorry, I normally hate to play the "if you don't have kids you don't understand" card but... you don't.) If you're one of those mothers who scoffs at the idea of ever lying to her children, that in and of itself is a lie and I can't take you seriously. If you are a mother who actually tells her children the truth all the time to make yourself feel morally superior and smug, then know you're doing more harm than good (haven't you seen Liar, Liar?!) then go do a juice cleanse or GMO-free crystal enema, or whatever it is people like you do.

So the video is great. Going into it, I assumed it would be a bunch of vulgar youngsters asking their sweet and sainted mothers questions in order to scandalize them. There's a little bit of that in here, but more often than not the moms answer questions about drugs, sex, and snooping in a lighthearted, silly, or even matter-of-fact kind of way. It's hard to think that our mothers had lives before us, but the truth of the matter is that they contain worlds and depths outside of and away from us even after we're here. It's important to remember that our moms are, first and foremost, people. So this Mother's Day, celebrate your mom, but maybe try to get to know who she is other than that, too. Take some notes in the full video below.

Image: YouTube