Charlie From 'Center Stage' Is Still Dreamy

Get ready to feel old guys. Because Center Stage, the ballet film that brought us incredible dancing and the perfect human that is Zoe Saldana, is officially celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. It's crazy to think it's already been 15 years since I was first crushing on the dreamboats that were Center Stage's Charlie and Eion Bailey's Jim Gordon determining whether or not I had the dance prowess to become a ballet dancer at the time. I most certainly did not and do not but it's more enjoyable to watch anyway! But speaking of Charlie, the real hero in Jodie Sawyer's love story from Center Stage was definitely the dancer hottie of the film and the best part? The dancing done by Charlie in the film was actually done by the actor Sascha Radetsky because is a classically trained ballet dancer. So now that we're all firmly in the nostalgia spirit, isn't it time we all wonder where Radetsky is now? What happened to Charlie?

Radetsky did very little acting after Center Stage, instead deciding to go back and focus his efforts on ballet. He was already in the American Ballet Theatre company when the film was being made, Radetsky joined as an apprentice in 1995, was promoted to a member in the corps in 1996 and three years after Center Stage was released in 2003, Radetsky became a soloist in the company.

While at ABT, Radetsky danced such iconic ballets as The Nutcracker, Othello, Don Quioxte, Swan Lake, Sylvia, and Romeo and Juliet. Radetsky even married another ABT soloist Stella Abrera. He then left ABT for the Dutch National Ballet in 2008 to become a principal dancer, but then returned to ABT in 2010. Radetsky later retired from the company in 2014.

Recently, Radetsky went back to acting where he filmed a role in Starz's upcoming drama miniseries Flesh and Bone which follows a young female dancer joining the world of professional ballet. The series will air on November 8th. Check out the trailer below.

Basically Charlie from Center Stage is still a dreamboat. Let's hope his acting career continues for years to come. More dance movies please!

Images: Screenshot/Columbia Pictures