'Saturday Night Live' Cast Members' Mothers Join The Monologue And Embarrass Their Children In The Best Way Possible

Happy Mother's Day, SNL fans! We all have things we've done as children that we're not proud of. As adults, there might be things that we would never imagine telling our mothers that we did as children, but on Saturday, SNL forced cast members to apologize to their mothers about their childhood indiscretions. And they were hilarious. After the cast members admitted to their mothers that they weren't the most well-behaved children, the mothers came together to embarrass their children with amazing home videos. And yes, your favorite cast members were just as funny as awkward teenagers.

It was incredibly sweet to see the Saturday Night Live cast members with their mothers on the stage. The cast apologized for a myriad of things. The apologies ranged from peeing on everything in the house (Cecily Strong) to "rubbing jeans" with a boy in a church parking lot, instead of going to the movies (Aidy Bryant). After admitting their individual indiscretions, each cast member presented their mom with a bouquet of flowers before rushing them off the stage, because, let's be honest, some of those truths were kind of uncomfortable.

It wasn't just cast members who admitted things to their moms. Reese Witherspoon, host for the evening, also told her mom that she didn't sleep over at "Ashley's" house, she actually checked into a hotel with a boy, but then felt so bad that she went back to Ashley's house. So Cruel Intentions of her. After Witherspoon told her mom that she was sneaky behind her back, her mom said that she and all the other moms have joined forces and put together a video montage of all the cast members' embarrassing childhood videos. And there are a few take aways I have from these videos.

  • Aidy Bryant needs to sing "Genie In A Bottle" on the show, for every show.
  • Reese Witherspoon has not aged a day since 16.
  • Cecily Strong has been performing edgy comedy since day one.
  • Seeing Jay Pharoah cry as a baby is adorable and heart breaking (but mostly adorable).

Happy Mother's Day to all of the SNL moms out there! Thanks for raising such funny kids.

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Images: NBC