"Pups In Pajamas" Instagram Account Is Basically The Cutest Thing You Will EVER See

If you’re looking for something to make your weekend eight million times better, look no further than the new Instagram account, Pups in Pajamas. As you probably already guessed from the name, the account gathers photos of adorable dogs of all different types of breeds decked out in their cutest puppy loungewear — and yes, it’s just as great as it sounds.

The account only launched last month, but it’s already amassed an all-too-adorable collection of puppy photos — from the golden retriever puppy in a striped onesie to the little chocolate lab in pink and white, star-patterned pjs, to the French bulldog in a black-and-red striped get-up with buttons near his tail. Probably my top favorite of all the snapshots? A heart-breakingly cute pic of two cuddly pitbull pups, lying on a blanket in matching fleece-y pajamas. I dare you to look at that photo and not immediately crack a smile.

The Insta account has gathered more than 3,300 followers in its few weeks online. Not that this comes as a surprise — who wouldn’t want to look at a bunch of cute puppies in pajamas?! Plus, users who want to share a photo of their own dog in all their pajama glory can do so by uploading a snapshot with the hashtag, #pupsinpajamas.

Feast your eyes on some of the account’s cutest photos below, and try to contain the "awww"s:

Image: PupsinPajamas/Instagram