'Cooking With Mariah' Needs To Happen For Real

It might be a joke video, but Funny Or Die's "Cooking With Mariah Carey (And Also Brian)" could easily become an insanely entertaining half-hour cooking show on the Cooking Channel. In the video, Carey and Brian Safi cook basically the only thing they know how to make with Fritos, a Frito pie! Apparently the parameters of their series are very limited, they seem to hint that they only make things dishes where the main ingredient is Fritos. The duo give ridiculous tips like "Make sure you wear the biggest diamond ring you can find" while cooking, as Carey made the most disgusting mix of ingredients into the Frito pie. As an added bonus, the episode ended with the "celebrity taste tester" Brett Ratner who had to put a giant handful of the pie into his mouth. He immediately spit it out moments later.

The whole thing was hilarious but wasn't too far from the truth. Celebrities are constantly taking up cooking show timeslots on Food Network and the Cooking Channel including Tia Mowry, Haylie Duff, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, and Rev Run from Run-DMC. And don't even get me started on the amount of celebrities that have published cookbooks, the number is ridiculously high. So would it really be so surprising for Mariah Carey to join the herd? The real question is what can Carey cook? If the episodes really were Frito-based she'd have to figure out new recipes real quick, though I'd love to watch her celebrity friends try the meals.

Watch the hilarious (and unfortunately fake) cooking show below:

Images: Screenshot/Funny Or Die