Get Your Hair Did At Beyonce's Beauty Salon, Sorta

Would you get your hair done at a salon called Beyoncé? Of course you would! Is that even a question? As it turns out, there's a a hair salon in East London called Beyoncé. You may be wondering: Is it Bey-themed? If the answer is yes, then I want to go to there.

Sadly, the answer seems to be no. As Complex reports, the "Beyonce Hair and Beauty Salon" in Peckham, London apparently has nothing to do with our Beyoncé. Their Yelp page only has one review, which unfortunately doesn't give us any clues as to the namesake. Neither does it call out the fact that the salon is named after one of the most famous humans on the face of the Earth. Drats!

I was imagining a whole salon menu teeming with packages named after Bey's tunes. Just think of how exciting that would be! Can we all just agree that the "Drunk in Love" blowout promises hair that looks like it has a perpetual flattering breeze flowing through it? You could probably get a high ponytail a lá Bey's Met gala do. Also, I was picturing "Diva" as a really intricate updo that may or may not involve hair gems. They'd also do kids, and the children's section would need to be called "Blue's hair garden" or something snappy like that. See how many ideas I have?? They're all wasted on a salon that could be Beyoncé-themed, but is not. However, it does have an amazing sign that promises the best photo op I've seen since the "Lube It All" auto body shop on the side of NJ route 35.

My own personal disappointment aside, I need to commend the salon owner on her savvy marketing choice. Come to think of it, naming any and all establishments after a pop star isn't a bad business model. Somehow, the salon reportedly isn't violating the patent Beyoncé has on her name, but they still have the advantage of making people think of her when they talk about/ walk into her salon. Let's just agree to name all our small businesses after pop culture figures.

Image: Getty; Beyonce Trending/Twitter