8 Graduation Ceremony Ideas For When You're Sitting There Bored Out Of Your Mind

Graduation Day has finally arrived. You are free. You are ending one major chapter of your life, and are about to begin a new one. It's a very exciting time. But the graduation ceremony itself isn't all that thrilling, for the most part. It's probably extremely long, and there are several periods where you're just waiting around. There will, of course, be times where you're sad about leaving this place and nostalgic about all the fun memories you've made, but between those moments will be those of flat, stagnant blah-ness, and you'll be twiddling those thumbs over and over.

But there's a way to get through your graduation day without dying of boredom. You just need a little creativity and a lot of supportive, fun people in your alphabetized section of seats. You will need to be discreet, mostly quiet, and respectful. You will also need to know when to take it down a notch if you and your neighbors begin to have a little too much fun during the ceremony. And I'm not suggesting you take a few shots before the ceremony begins, but I'm not NOT suggesting it either. Here are all the ways to keep yourself entertained during your graduation.

1. Play games with your seatmates

It could be a round of Celebrity, I Spy, or even Tic Tac Toe or Hangman on a piece of paper that you pass back and forth. You might not be allowed to bring your phones with you during the ceremony, but you will DEFINITELY be able to sneak a pen and a piece of paper.

2. Mentally calculate how many years it'll take to pay off your student loans

This will distract you and kill a ton of time. That's how much you'll need to pay back. It's kind of a bummer, actually, but it will keep you occupied.

3. Mentally rank all the movie and TV graduation scenes from best to worst

Let's see, there's the naked Freddie Prinze Jr. scene in She's All That, there's the emotional diploma scene in Saved By the Bell, and the forever iconic march to make sure "Donna Martin Graduates!" from Beverly Hills 90210, and so many more. Collect 'em, mentally replay 'em, and put 'em in order.

4. Map out your summer bucket list

There's so much you want to do, and only three months to do it in. The best summer of your life should begin with a to-do list.

5. Create a mental reel of your most meaningful school moments

And try not to cry.

6. Play a booze-free commencement speech drinking game

I realize the fun part about a drinking game is the drinking itself, but you can still find a way to use the format and make it a blast. Like, you and your seatmates need to take three sips of whatever drink you have when the person giving the speech says something funny, or you need to make a weird noise when they say something inspirational — things like that.

7. Flirt with your neighbor

When are you going to get another chance to flirt with the person in your class that comes right before or right after you alphabetically? Seize this opportunity!

8. Take in your surroundings one final time

In all seriousness, this is a major moment in your life, and you will never forget it. Tune out the background noise, take a deep breath, and really absorb everything around you and the moment you're currently in. Be proud of yourself for reaching this finish line. You've earned it.

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