Photos Of Tornadoes In Denton, Texas & Delmont, South Dakota, Are A Scary Sign It's Severe Weather Season

A tornado hit Denton, Texas, on Sunday afternoon, destroying roofs and signs and knocking down trees in its path. The tornado comes after a weekend of severe weather hit the South and Midwest, extending from Texas all the way to South Dakota. So far, no fatalities or injuries have been reported in Denton, which is located just outside the Dallas Fort Worth area in northern Texas, though a tornado on Saturday did leave one person dead southwest of Denton in Cisco, Texas. So far, the Cisco tornado marks the only major storm this weekend to include a fatality.

The Texas National Guard and the Red Cross have deployed helicopters as well as emergency personnel in Denton County to assist with the search and rescue of citizens. At least one person has been rescued so far. According to an emergency scanner for the Dallas Fort Worth and North Texas area, Denton County has sustained significant flooding from the storm. Many roads are unnavigable due to high waters and fallen trees. Severe weather is expected to continue moving northeast Sunday evening, though this is certainly not the last to be felt in Texas, according to the Weather Channel. Citizens in Denton County have taken to Twitter to show images of the aftermath of Sunday's storm:

A tornado also hit Delmont, South Dakota, on Sunday morning, leaving the town without power and forcing an evacuation. Shelters have been set up by the Red Cross for those who have been displaced by the severe weather. So far no fatalities have been reported, though nine people were injured. Homes and buildings including the Zion Lutheran Church, as well as a brand new fire hall, sustained major damage from the storm. The fire hall was completely destroyed and a majority of the Zion Lutheran Church was torn down by high tornado winds. The small town is southeast of the capital of South Dakota, Pierre.

Additional stormy weather was reported in South Carolina due to Tropical Storm Ana. The storm brought with it heavy rains and has since been downgraded to a tropical depression. It's now traveling north towards North Carolina and Virginia. Tropical Storm Ana marks the first storm of the year, and though it's come rather early, appears to be minor. Nonetheless, a few power outages and possible damage is expected as the storm continues to dissipate.