A 'Beverly Hills 90210' Reunion & Puppies

No matter how many teen TV shows have come after it, Beverly Hills 90210 will always be the ultimate teen drama for me. It can still remember having my very first crush on Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestly) and the moment Dylan (Luke Perry) cheated on Brenda (Shannon Daugherty) with Kelly (Jennie Garth). So it warms my heart completely when the stars of Beverly Hills 90210 reunite — and Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, and Gabrielle Carteris did just that, but also with cute dogs! Talk about a reunion dream I never knew I had.

The stars who once known as the 90210 characters Steve Sanders (Ziering), Donna Martin (Spelling), and Andrea Zuckerman (Carteris) reunited at an event for Canine Companions for Independence, which Ziering was hosting for the non-profit organization along with WE tv. All eyes were on the former co-stars as they posed with adorable dogs — and Spelling even teased a 90210 reunion on her Instagram account. In the caption of a photo of her, Ziering, and Carteris, the following hashtags were included: "#90210Reunion #ShouldWe? #ItsTime #Friends." My reaction? We definitely need a 90210 reunion, they should absolutely do one, it is totally time for one, and I'm so happy they're friends.

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And who know else they should invite? The dogs from the Canine Companions for Independence event, because they are just too cute.

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Spelling also celebrated her 9th wedding anniversary with husband Dean McDermott this week. Ziering, who is mostly known now as the star of the Sharknado movies, appeared on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice earlier this year. Carteris has had numerous guest roles on several TV shows, such as The Middle, Longmire, Criminal Minds, and Make It Or Break It.

But nothing comes close to the roles they had on 90210. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a full-fledged reunion, shall we? (With puppies, of course!)

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