10 Weird Things Couples Do That Are Totally Normal

by Christine Schoenwald

Have you ever noticed how people have a tendency to look like their pets? Well the same goes for couples who’ve been together for a while—they not only start to look alike, they act alike too. It's one of those habits of long-term couples we all know to be true. When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you begin to loosen up around your significant other. When you feel comfortable in your relationship you are able to relax; you not only let your guard down, you let your true self come out, and sometimes your true self feels like lounging on the couch without wearing any pants.

You don’t even care if your S.O. knows your guilty pleasure of binge watching The Gilmore Girls because it's their guilty pleasure too. Two people with the same guilty pleasure makes it mutually acceptable behavior, but maybe don't share your GG love at your next party.

When you’re in a long-term relationship you don’t just get along with your partner, the two of you tend to merge and become one person. Your union may be official or not, but you’re still going to share your not-for-the-public personas, and your secret nobody must see this or their eyes will bleed really true selves.

Once you feel free to be the real you, your significant other will pick up on your habits, and quirks, and make them their own.

If you stop and think about all the weird little behaviors you both do, you might think that you are the craziest couple on the planet. No need to panic you’re actually pretty normal.

1. You talk about boring stuff

You used to talk about your hopes and dreams and theories about evolution now you talk about what you had for lunch, the spectacular post-poop crazy dance your cat did, and what you should eat for dinner.

2. You do comedy bits.

When you're in a LTR, you have a lot of inside jokes which morph into dialogues or physical comedy that no one else understands or thinks is funny, but the two of you think is hilarious. You didn't start off having the same exact sense of humor, but now you do, and it's kind of scary for other people to witness it.

3. You dress alike.

Have you every been ready to go out the door to go do stuff, when you realize that both you and your partner are wearing identical outfits. Tee shirt-check, jeans-check and you mirror each other right down to your Chuck Taylors. It's not the first time this happened and it won't be the last, Twinsies.

4. Privacy means something different to you.

Some people actually lock the door when they use the bathroom, but not you two. When you aren't sharing the bathroom mirror, one of you is showering while the other is taking a pee.

5. You use all your senses for each other.

While there are some people who get off by smelling dirty underwear it's not a fetish for you, you're just making sure that your partners boxers need to be thrown into the washer. Then there are the times when your S.O. really needs to know if what he's wearing is appropriate for his meeting with a new client.

6. Your favorite ship is the one between your pets and you.

Everything your pet does is endlessly fascinating for you and your partner. You worship your pets with songs that you improvise for them, argue if your cat is an evil genius or a misunderstood artist. By the way, your cat is actually an evil genius artist.

7. You think there's no such thing as TMI.

You got your period, you didn't get your period, he has a secret fantasy involving statues (it's a thing,) nothing is ever taboo for you two and one of the foundations of your relationship is overshare.

8. You're not shy.

You might not show your mom the ingrown hair you have on your backside, but you have no problem showing your partner and asking him to tweeze it away. That's the kind of relationship you have where you share everything even your partner showing you that rash in the shape of Texas on his inner thigh.

7. Your home is like a locker-room.

When you first started dating, you tried to hold back sharing any of your bodily functions, now it's practically non stop farting and burping. Occasionally after ripping an especially loud and/or stinky fart, you may say "Sorry," but you're now so comfortable you usually unapologetically let it go.

8. You have your own made-up language.

From the names you call each other, to how you describe certain activities (saying hello means something completely different for some people,) a couple in a LTR is creative in the way they speak with each other.

All couples in long-term relationships have these strange funny habits. I guess that's what happens when you've reached the comfort zone, and can finally let your significant other see you for the freak show you are.

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