8 Times The Kanye Frown Vine Is Applicable To You

If you think that Kanye West is always serious, you’d be wrong. Because I guess all humans, even ones as stoic as West, are susceptible to involuntary bodily functions, such as smiling. But, that doesn’t mean he won’t try and rise above his humanity. You see, Just Jared explains that Yeezus himself was captured jovially smiling at the Bulls game on Sunday until he saw the camera and promptly frowned, obviously.

It’s certainly a sight to be seen and perhaps best said by BuzzFeed Sports in a tweet captioned, “Kanye broke character for a quick second but then spotted the camera.” Maybe they’re right. Perhaps the gloomy Ye is simply an act. One that he struggles to contain at public forums. Whatever the case may be, this incredible Vine will give us joy for days to come until we all get sick of it and don’t unearth it for another 6 months when someone gets the ball rolling again in a Throwback Thursday post. Man, the internet is exhausting.

Anyway, since this Yeezus Vine is so shiny and new, let’s have fun with it while we can. Here are 8 times Kanye’s surprise frown face is applicable in your own life.

When Your Sister Gets In Trouble & You Can't Stop Giggling... But Then Your Mom Sees You

When Your Friend Gets A Low Mak On Her Paper, But Then You Get Your Grade Back & It's Worse

When You Think You See Your Drink Being Made At Starbucks But The Barista Calls A Different Name

When You Get A Text But Then Realize It's Just The Group Chat Babbling On About Something You've Tuned Out Of

When You Think Your Dog Is Excited To See You But Is Actually Running To Your Boyfriend Behind You

When You Kid Around With Your Best Friend Because Her Period Is Late & Then Realize Yours Is, Too

When You Smile At A Cute Guy Strap-Hanging On The Subway But Fail To See His Wife & Children Sitting Beside Him

When You Think You Got A Facebook Notification But It's Just An Automated Birthday Reminder