5 Things Flip Flops Lovers Are So Over Hearing

Flip flops are the official shoe of summer. OK, let me qualify that statement. At least in my mind (and on my feet), they are the official shoe of summer, and women who love flip flops should stop having to apologize for their footwear choices. I used to wear them every single day from May through September, and while I've reduced my flip flop wearing to maybe four or five times a week so I can have an excuse to buy more footwear, I still love and wear this quintessential summer shoe.

They are easy to get in and out of and they go with everything. Why all the hate, people?

Yet, somewhat bafflingly, flip flops have a bad and semi-questionable reputation. Allegedly, they are basic. Allegedly, they are casual. Allegedly, they are meant for the beach and the beach alone. Allegedly, they are noisy. And yes, fine, they are all those things, but I find people making those types of comments with a bit of derision.

I know that they don't have a lot of sole support. I get it. But it's better than going barefoot, mmmkay? Flip flops are just an easy shoe to wear and they offer a simple way to show off a fresh summer pedi. How fun, right?

Why are some people so anti-flip flop? I am afraid that I don't have a clear answer to that. I do, however, know all the things flip flop fans are sick of hearing from their sneaker-clad friends.

1. "Doesn't all that flipping and flopping noisiness annoy you?"

Not really. It's no different than the clackity clack of high heels on a wooden floor. So there.

2. "Flip flops are for the beach."


Really? I see them all over and everywhere, from the feet of Hollister employees to women on red carpets. Seriously, when I worked my first Grammy red carpet as a publicist, my peers were like, "Honey, no. No! You never wear heels on the red carpet. You'll never survive the media line!" I was already in agonizing pain and the band I had to escort hadn't even arrived. One of my fellow publicists then handed over her extra pair of Havaianas and I was SAVED!

3. "Flip flops make your feet soooo dirty."


Well, yeah, if you are wearing them on a rainy day, while stepping in mud or dirt, or if your pants are too long. When I went through a phase a wearing baggy, a-bit-too-long-and-wide cargo pants in summer, I did notice my feet got a little dirty, so I switched to wearing cargos with a skinny cut and it was bye bye dirty feet. So just check your pants' length and the weather, and you'll be solid.

4. "Flip flops are so basic."

Are we still calling things basic? No, I don't think we are, but even if it's wasn't wildly offensive to women, there's nothing wrong with wearing shoes that keep you comfy. Not every pair of summer shoes needs to be an espadrille, a heel, or a sneaker. Flippies are just as cute as any open toe sandal, and often way less expensive.

5. "Flip flops aren't dressy enough."


Yeah, but that's not really the point of them, right? They're awesome because they can dress an outfit down. I love wearing them with a simple t-shirt dress. It looks and feels so summery. Flip flops don't need to be dressy.

So back of, flip flop haters. I'm not covering up my toes for anybody.

Images: Missionlessdays/Flickr; Getty Images (3); Giphy (2)