Who Is The Guy In The Hood On 'The Royals'? He Killed Robert, But Was He A Hired Hand?

Not only did we get a little more information about King Simon's condition, the official results of paternity for the Eleanor and Liam and the first terrifying days of Prince Regent Cyrus truly terrifying reign during Sunday night's episode of The Royals, we also finally got some solid evidence that Prince Robert was not killed during a military accident. He was murdered. That's right, King Simon's attack was not the only act of violence committed against the member of this royal family. Apparently the man in the hood from previous episodes who is currently the main suspect in Simon's attack was also the man who killed Robert. But there's so much more at play as he revealed this bit of information to Princess Eleanor himself. So who is the guy in the hood and why did he kill Robert?

For the time being we don't know much about this man. We know that he was once in the military. Ted Pryce, Ophelia's dad and the head of security at the palace confirmed that he was in fact part of Robert's outfit. But that's about as much information as we've gotten aside from smaller details like he seems to be right handed. So what else can we know for sure?

Without fail, I have a few theories as per usual. I believe this man could have been a friend of Robert's while they were in the military together. But he was for some reason forced to kill Robert by someone high up enough that would scare him into the silence. Until now. Or perhaps when he told Eleanor that he killed Robert, he didn't necessarily mean it literally.

Maybe he was on mission with Robert and something went wrong. Maybe he and Robert noticed that someone who once again was high up enough in the British government or monarchy was doing something shady. The guy in the hood was able to sneak away undetected or could have been bought out, but Robert was a huge liability. So he was killed and the guy in the hood blames himself.

Most likely thought he was probably hired to kill Robert (either against his will or for a large enough sum of money) and now he's feeling guilt over the incident. Though what exactly would make him feel guilty now for committing the act? My guess is that someone like Cyrus paid him off and once Simon revealed his desire to disband the monarchy, the guy in the hood knew it was only a matter of time before someone would come for Simon as well. Either way, the mystery of the hooded man will hopefully come to an end by the next episode and someone can finally tell us all once and for all that Cyrus is behind all the terrible things happening to the royal family. What? He's the worst and he should be banished. Make that happen please Royals writers.

Images: Screenshot/E! Entertainment