9 Sun Hats You'll Love In 2015, Because Sun Protection Wrapped In Adorable Millinery Is Pretty Perfect

Now that we're well into gardening season, and summer is just a little over a month away, it's time to start thinking about sunny styles and preventing sun damage with sun hats. When it comes to form and function, sun hats are a win win. They make really fun and versatile accessories, and are a great way to top off any summer sun dress or casual jeans and blouse combo. Plus, they provide added protection from strong midday UV rays and grant us a bit of refreshing shade on the go.

Whether you're out planting, enjoying the summer sun at the beach, or sightseeing on a great vacation, stepping out in a stylish sun hat is a wonderful way to keep your skin (and/or recently dyed hair) healthy and happy. And while many of us stick with just one trusty straw hat for years, this might be the year to consider adding a few new options to your sun hat brigade. Vintage styles are really in fashion right now, and that means a whole lot of fun, beautiful, and funky variety. So, dress up your tresses this spring and summer with a hat game that's on point, while showing your epidermis some protective love.

The Wide Brimmed Stunner

This hat is reminiscent of the beautiful sun hats that were popular in the Edwardian period, so it truly is classic. If you’re looking to play coy, flirt with modesty, or just channel your inner lady while shading your whole face from the sun, a sleek wide brimmed sun hat is the way to go.

DEVOWEVO Wide Brim Woven Sun Hat — Vintage, $38, DEVOWEVO/

Vintage Style Bucket Hat

The precursor to the ’70s floppy, more relaxed bucket hat look, this super sculpted look is a lot of fun. It’s both chic, and a little bit androgynous, and makes for a bold statement piece, especially when worn in vibrant colors like this lovely sunflower yellow. It also works well if you’re aiming to go incognito, as its downturned brim offers tons of coverage.

Make You Rich Yellow Woven Sun Hat, $45, persephonevintage/

'70s Denim Bucket Hat

Another fun, wide brimmed option is this denim beauty, reminiscent of ’70s summer style. This would pair incredibly well with dark, high waisted flares, and a cute crop top or camisole. Plus, it offers plenty of shade in the sun.

Wide Brim Sun Hat — Denim with Black Band, $65, Bellastarrhats/

Boho Chic Straw

When it comes to fun and flexible straw, this boho chic hat is a great option. Full sun coverage, lightweight straw, and simple embelishments make this hat garden friendly, beach friendly, and a great option for festivals.

Summer Straw Woven Sun Hat, $22, FinchPlace/

Panama Straw

This wide brimmed Panama fedora brings the perfect amount of rustic charm to any outfit. While mainting beautiul, clean lines, the hat echoes wild atmosphere, and a bit more of a utilitarian feel than some of the other looks featured here. An excellent choice for those of us who like tomboy looks.

Brown Panama Straw Hat, $148, KatarinaHats/


Breathable and sweet, crocheted hats make great options for summer sun. They pair beautifully with sundresses and cardigans, and the open form is a nice way to allow some vitamin D to kiss your face, while still minimizing the effects of too much direct midday sun exposure.

Crocheted Summer Hat Sand White Color, $45, Celinicrafts/

Cute Cloche

A little flapper-esque, a little reminiscent of the ’20s, cloche caps are both fun and stylish. They’re a casual look, easy to pull off, and would look great with jeans and a t-shirt. They look equally lovely paired with the right vintage dress or simple blouse.

Women Summer Hat, $69, TutuHandmadeHats/

Handmade Hemp

Eco-friendly buyers rejoice! Hemp hats are here to make your day. These flexible brimmed hats are a little bit country, and all the right kinds of summery fun. Plus, anything with a maleable shape is gonna serve you really well for travel and beach adventures, since you can shove it in a bag without any preservation worries, which makes life much easier. Thanks, hemp!

Handcrafted Sun Hat Hemp, $69, WhatsOlivaWearing/

Braided Beauty

Classy paper braids are truly lovely. Sporting intricate detail and refined lines, these sun hats are staples of equestrian fashion culture. So, if you love all things horse related, or are just looking for a super cute, classic look, consider a paper braided hat.

Snaffle Bit Paper Braid Sun Hat, $38, EquineAccents/