9 Sun Hats You'll Love In 2015, Because Sun Protection Wrapped In Adorable Millinery Is Pretty Perfect

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Now that we're well into gardening season, and summer is just a little over a month away, it's time to start thinking about sunny styles and preventing sun damage with sun hats. When it comes to form and function, sun hats are a win win. They make really fun and versatile accessories, and are a great way to top off any summer sun dress or casual jeans and blouse combo. Plus, they provide added protection from strong midday UV rays and grant us a bit of refreshing shade on the go.

Whether you're out planting, enjoying the summer sun at the beach, or sightseeing on a great vacation, stepping out in a stylish sun hat is a wonderful way to keep your skin (and/or recently dyed hair) healthy and happy. And while many of us stick with just one trusty straw hat for years, this might be the year to consider adding a few new options to your sun hat brigade. Vintage styles are really in fashion right now, and that means a whole lot of fun, beautiful, and funky variety. So, dress up your tresses this spring and summer with a hat game that's on point, while showing your epidermis some protective love.

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