6 Best Sexting Apps In The Game

With 35 percent of Americans (and 38 percent of women!) saying they send sexy texts, it's fair to say the US is sextually active. And, the majority of people (56 percent) who sext believe that it's helped their relationship. To prove it, more and more apps are making it easier to get your sext by incorporating messaging into their platforms.

Reality check time: For the most part, when it comes to communicating these days, we opt for the quickest and most direct way possible. Long drawn out phone conversations that last for hours on end, during which we bare our souls, are a thing of the past. And even then probably only happened with your middle school significant other. Therefore it should be no surprise that whispering sweet nothings, and in-person courting, are also quickly fading. Admit it: When a guy or girl actually calls you to ask you out, you’re probably even a little taken aback. Sad but true: It’s just not the norm anymore.

Now, some apps have mastered this more than others, which is why we’ve done the homework for you and rounded up the top 6. Disclaimer: You can’t get pregnant or catch a disease from sextual intercourse, but the process has been known to be habit-forming.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. What’s App

Remember when you would meet a guy or gal abroad, call him collect, and fit in all your dirty talk before the “accept the charges” beep? As fun as that was, WhatsApp has made it easier than ever to keep in touch our international lovers with free unlimited messaging, picture, and even voice sending to all countries… and we all know sexting is a universal language.

2. HouseTab

How much more effective would sexting be if you could also send a drink with it? Enter HouseTab: An app that let’s you see who else is at the same bar as you, and send them drinks complete with a sexy little message right through the app. Or, if you’re not actually at the bar, you can always just send your crush a “thinking about you… naked” message along with a tequila shot for him/her to redeem later. That should certainly send a clear message.

3. Frankly

While this app may be to new to the game, frankly, it's creating quite the stir. Not only does the app ensure to "keep your secrets safe" by way of disappearing messages, videos, and images, but you can also engage in anonymous group chats (meaning you can let your real feelings fly!) and send voice messages. Yes, that's code for dirty talk... that conveniently disappear in 10 seconds or less. Oh, and speaking of possible regrets, Frankly provides the ultimate luxury: letting you un-send a text, and depending on the retracted content, maintain your dignity.

4. Tinder

What kind of list would this be if we didn’t include this hook-up app giant? Honestly, this app is so focused on getting down to business, they shouldn’t even have that bubble in the top to signify messaging . It should just be an emoji of two people having sex or an automatic geo-locator, because the only texting that’s not sexually-based on this app is “Where are you?”

5. KIK

What once was Blackberry’s version of chat has not turned into a bit of a covert sexting operation. You don’t even have to use actual phone numbers numbers in this game, just usernames — and you can send anything from memes, videos, gifs as well as engage in group chats of up to 50 different people. Talk about very sextually active.

6. Snapchat

Ahh, Snapchat. The virtual pioneer of sending dirty pictures / videos without the fear they pop up on the internet somewhere. That said, if you Google "Snapchat screenshot" you will quickly see that's not true... and you can screenshot someone's Snapchat to you. Word of advice: Be careful with those head shots, if you know what we mean.

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