10 Things People Who Talk With Their Hands Have Knocked Over On A First Date, Because Nothing Says Awkward Like Spilling Beer On Someone You Just Met


The process of dating pretty much breeds awkward situations. Dinner dates come with the challenge of keeping the conversation flowing while eating your meal without looking like a starving wildebeest. Going out for drinks means that you need to pace yourself so that you don't get too sloppy in front of this attractive person you barely know and are trying to impress. Not to mention, the delicate check dance you'll both do when it comes time to close out your bill — or what kind of believable exit strategy you'll employ if this date is actually just too painful to actually sit through.

If you're a person who talks with your hands, the potential for awkward scenarios to happen during a date increases tenfold. There are just so many things right in the radius of your big hand motion space to knock over. Spills are bound to happen. Glasses will break. You'll get that harsh side-eye from your waiter.

On the bright side, you're not alone in this. I asked 10 daters to dish on the most embarrassing things they've ever knocked over — and they didn't disappoint. Read on to see what they had to say about what they sent flying, from pepper shakers to entire bottles of wine.

1. Mary, 26

2. Michelle, 28

3. Tim, 27

4. Steph, 32

5. Melissa, 27

6. Chris, 28

"We were eating steak, and I was talking with a piece of it on the end of my fork. It went flying...and hit the guy sitting next to us."

7. Lauren

8. Heidi

9. Deana, 36

10. Kayla, 24

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