The 10 Worst Things To Knock Over On A Date

by Danielle Page

The process of dating pretty much breeds awkward situations. Dinner dates come with the challenge of keeping the conversation flowing while eating your meal without looking like a starving wildebeest. Going out for drinks means that you need to pace yourself so that you don't get too sloppy in front of this attractive person you barely know and are trying to impress. Not to mention, the delicate check dance you'll both do when it comes time to close out your bill — or what kind of believable exit strategy you'll employ if this date is actually just too painful to actually sit through.

If you're a person who talks with your hands, the potential for awkward scenarios to happen during a date increases tenfold. There are just so many things right in the radius of your big hand motion space to knock over. Spills are bound to happen. Glasses will break. You'll get that harsh side-eye from your waiter.

On the bright side, you're not alone in this. I asked 10 daters to dish on the most embarrassing things they've ever knocked over — and they didn't disappoint. Read on to see what they had to say about what they sent flying, from pepper shakers to entire bottles of wine.

1. Mary, 26

"We were sitting across from another at a bar having a beer. As my date went to take a sip, I went to point out what was happening on the TV behind us and my arm came up under his beer glass, tipping it forward and all over him like a fountain."

2. Michelle, 28

"I knocked a large cup of coffee all over a guy who was wearing a plain white shirt. I didn't think it was that big of a deal (because I spill coffee every day) but he was not happy."

3. Tim, 27

"I was telling a story of how I had wiped out on a snowboarding trip to my date. As I was describing the wipeout I ended up wiping my beer into her pocketbook. Everything in her bag got soaked."

4. Steph, 32

"A bottle of wine. It was red. It got all over him. I don't even talk with my hands that much!"

5. Melissa, 27

"There was a basket of chips in between us, set on wax paper with a nice little candle next to it. You do the math. (I set the wax paper on fire.)"

6. Chris, 28

"We were eating steak, and I was talking with a piece of it on the end of my fork. It went flying...and hit the guy sitting next to us."

7. Lauren

"I use sign language for my job and constantly find myself signing even when not with other signers. I once knocked over an entire snack table when I was with a date!"

8. Heidi

"I was on a date seated at a two person table pushed up against the wall. We were opposite each other with the open bar to one side and a sloping brick wall on the other. I was talking with my cocktail in my hand telling a story, and I smashed the glass into the brick wall exploding it all over the table...and showering us both in dirty martini."

9. Deana, 36

"You know those plastic black and white salt and pepper shakers they have at pizzerias? There was a set of them in between my date and me. I sent the pepper shaker flying right at his face. It hit him square in the eye."

10. Kayla, 24

"There was a standing dessert menu on our table, and I had already knocked it over once or twice during this date. Our waiter came over with another round of drinks for my date and I, and just as he set down his very full tray of drinks on our table to unload the beers we ordered, I hit that menu again, knocking over two martinis that he had on his tray, which spilled into all the other drinks on there. He had to go back to the bar and essentially start all over again. I felt terrible!"

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