'Castle': Alexis and Castle Bond Over a Murder Mystery

On tonight's Castle, the titular character and Alexis are forced to confront the conflict that has been a-brewin' all season. FINALLY. I was worried about those two. When the episode starts, we find out that Castle doesn't want to look for a wedding venue with Beckett. It's not that he doesn't want to get married, it's just that he thinks that part of the process will be mighty boring. Because Castle is both obnoxious and hilarious, he suggests they get married in space. I actually yelled, "HOLY CRAP I LOVE YOU" at the screen. A wedding in outer space is the funniest idea.

Wait. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I personally would hate to go to a space wedding (um, I saw Gravity. That ish is not to be messed with), BUT I wouldn't hate a space-themed reception on Earth. There's your compromise, Beckett! Admittedly, that theme would not do well on Four Weddings. The simple tricks to winning the honeymoon prize on Four Weddings: avoid crazy themes, have good food, and keep the ceremony insect-free. That's all it takes.

Where am I? Oh, here I am. Alexis reluctantly asks Castle for his help on a case. He obliges (which, fortunately for him, means wedding location scouting will be put on hold). We learn that Alexis has been working with her professor on an innocence review case, and she hopes to exonerate a man currently on death row. Her instincts and research tell her he's innocent, but she has yet to prove it. The father and daughter have to road trip to Pennsylvania together, and it is the first time they have hung out since the Pi fight (not to be confused with a pie fight. No pastries were thrown in the making of this episode).

I may not be a brainiac like Castle or Alexis (who work together beautifully while solving the crime), but I was hella suspicious of Officer Lane the moment I laid my eyes on him. I totally called that he was the killer. I'm surprised they didn't suspect him right away. Seems weird that they didn't, right? He was way too intense about the Castles' involvement. I'm not trying to brag, I'm just saying that the answer was fairly obvious to me, probably because I watch a lot of crime dramas. Okay, maybe I am trying to brag. I'm great at watching TV!

However, if I had to figure out why Officer Lane killed Kim, Frank wouldn't have left death row. My assessment of the game-changing clue would go something like this: "Oh, that dolphin charm that could solve the entire puzzle? I didn't even notice it. Yeah, it looks like a relic from the 90s, which is when the murder took place, but I doubt there's a connection between the two. Throw it in the trash. I don't think it's recyclable."

Fortunately for all parties involved, Alexis and Castle put their genius brains together and solve the case. Castle is justifiably impressed with Alexis's work (the apple doesn't fall far from the castle. Nope. Castles don't grow apples. Oh well, I tried), and Alexis heads back to New York to thank Beckett for her long-distance assistance. The two women hug it out. Does this mean everything is going to be okay? Space weddings for all!

Image: ABC/Richard Cartwright