Emma Stone Says Andrew Garfield Is A "Poet"

The world cried a lot of tears when it was reported that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield broke up for good. Fans of the adorable couple are still hoping the two are just on a "break," but we're still waiting to hear confirmation from the pair about any of this news. With that said, I have something positive to report about the couple that just might give Stone and Garfield shippers hope. In the May issue of Interview, Emma Stone talks about Andrew Garfield and his poetic abilities.

Before I go any further, let me make it clear that Stone's interview was conducted in March — before she and Garfield reportedly split. However, Stone's beautiful words about Garfield might be the key for this couple reuniting, all while showcasing their deep connection. While chatting with Diane Keaton (yes, that Diane Keaton), the actress asked Stone the following about Garfield:

Andrew Garfield said, "Working with Emma was like diving into a thrilling, twisting river [Stone laughs] and never holding on to the sides. From the start. To the end. Spontaneous. In the moment. Present. Terrifying. Vital. The only way acting with someone should be." My God. I mean, what did you feel when you heard such a dream-come-true observation?

First, have you ever heard something so beautiful? I'm pretty sure the actor knows the way to anyone's heart. Stone responded to Keaton as follows:

He is such a poet. [laughs] But that's the way he writes in general. So I hear it and of course my heart swells up. And I also know that he writes things like that on a daily basis. [laughs]

Keaton couldn't believe that Garfield writes like that every day. To that, Stone said, "Yes, he does. He's so poetic."

So, here's what I take from this: Stone and Garfield need to write each other some poetry, which will make them realize how perfect they are for one another and cause them reunite them in a beautiful and romantic way. Who's with me? At times, actions speak louder than words, but in this instance, I have a feeling words would do the trick.

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