This Rescued Puppy Growing Up On A Treadmill Is Impossibly Cute And Defied All Odds Just By Surviving — VIDEO

Time-lapse photography can be tricky, mostly in the sense that it seems to exclusively deal with either flowers blooming or depressing scenarios like watching a person grow old. Now we have a reference that's 100% more cuddly because it involves a puppy. A South African filmmaker photographed his rescued puppy growing up on a treadmill each day for about six months, and the results are probably breaking cuteness laws in every country of the world.

When Dave Meinert adopted Pegasus (OK, seriously is that the best name for a puppy or THE BEST name for a puppy? I vote the latter), he was warned the pup would very likely turn deaf and/or blind—if she lived at all. You see, Pegasus is a double merle, which is basically a genetic mutation affecting the animal's pigmentation which negatively affects hearing and vision abilities. They are sometimes called lethal whites, as these disabilities sometimes lead to an increased chance to get euthanized. A lot of people don't even want to deal with the challenges of owning an animal with issues like those. Regardless, Meinert welcomed Pegasus into his home and life—even though most of her siblings died at birth or were born otherwise deformed. Meinert said he wanted to adequately document each good day Pegasus had starting around just four weeks old. It's just so unbearably sweet, y'all.

From this:


To this:


Ugh. She looks so sweet. It truly is a gift people like Meinert exist to help out fur babies like Pegasus.

Also, who could resist a double merle? They are so freaking adorable. Let's check out a few more, because reasons.

This double merle Sheltie pining after its human's coffee

Some double merle puppies frolicking in the backyard

Sheer joy!!

Finally, here's a double merle cutie basically blending into the snow

Basically, I'm declaring today Double Merle Day, so we should all celebrate by watching all these precious videos twice.

Images: YouTube (3)