#FakeResumeSkills That Are Totally Worth Having

Glitter bombing unsuspecting peers while maintaining an element of surprise. Locating and binge watching historical television dramas with an average of less than 100 viewers. Successfully getting most cats to let me pet them. These are a few of my #FakeResumeSkills, which is trending on Twitter right now.

All of that was sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things," obviously.

We all know that resumes and cover letters can be a bit soul-crushing to compose, but at least one of the latest hashtags on Twitter can help you snort-laugh while you type. In only a few hours, #FakeResumeSkills has catapulted to the third most trending, with sites like Thought Catalog, companies like Skreened, and even some social-media-savvy schools capitalizing on the massive trend.

It's a bit unclear where this all started, but its popularity is pretty understandable: #FakeResumeSkills is totally relatable to most humans. I mean, pretty much any adult that you talk to has at least one or two "skills" they wish they could provide to an employer that aren't quite "workplace appropriate." But if writing endless cover letters has taught me anything, it's that you can put a positive spin on pretty much everything. Check out some of my favorites below, and head over to Twitter to watch the hilarity that is #FakeResumeSkills unfold in real time.

1. Ability to Prioritize

2. Problem Solving

3. Excellent People Skills

4. Detail-Oriented

5. Time Management

6. Critical Thinking

7. Multi-Tasking

8. Bilingual

9. Creative Thinking

10. Highly Responsible

Image: Jirapong/Fotolia