8 Actors You Forgot Were In 'Madagascar'

I always feel really old when cartoons I once watched turn a decade old. Like, on May 27, it will literally be 10 years since Madagascar came out. Since then DreamWorks has dreamed up two sequels and several spinoff shows about those dastardly penguins. (Including one featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, of all people.) Madagascar, the animated film about talking zoo animals that get stranded on an island, had its own star-studded cast when it debuted in 2005. But a decade later all I can vaguely remember about the cast is that I think Chris Rock was apart of it.

Turns out Chris Rock was in good company in Madagascar. The other characters, both the main ones and even the supporting ones, were all played by top-billing actors. Everyone from Oscar-nominees to Emmy winners appeared in the digital flick. But don't feel bad if you don't remember who played the hippo or the lemur or the other random zoo animals. The point of animated film is to enjoy what you're seeing, not to be focused on the famous voice behind the funny character.

But, in case you're interested in exactly which actors that appeared in Madagascar , I've compiled a list of the eight people you probably forgot were in the film.

Ben Stiller


The Emmy winning actor voiced the movie's leading lion, Alex.

David Schwimmer


He went from Ross Geller to Melman the giraffe who hates the uncivilized outdoors. (Also, same.)

Jada Pinkett Smith


The badass actress played the equally awesome Gloria.

Sacha Baron Cohen

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Before he was Borat, he was Julien, king of the lemurs.

Cedric The Entertainer


The actor played Maurice, the king's hand, who was full of nonsense. (Aka, good sense.)

Andy Richter

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The comedian is now best known for being on Conan O'Brien's show. But in Madagascar he played Mort, the adorable baby lemur who captured everyone's hearts.

Bob Saget


The Full House actor has a brief line as a zoo animal who is really done with Marty and Alex. Go to 5:12 to hear him yell, "I'm trying to sleep! Not everyone here is nocturnal, you know!"

Chris Rock


It feels weird to include all the other main characters but not Chris Rock's Marty the zebra. It's not his fault he's way more recognizable than his co-stars and doesn't really have a place on an "actors you forgot" list. But, I guess anyone would have a hard time forgetting the fact that he was in this franchise. Remember Circus Afro? Of course you do. It probably also haunts you often. Oh, Chris Rock. Unforgettable.

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