What Is Ryan Seacrest Doing After 'American Idol'?

While the question you might be thinking about is "what am I going to do with my Wednesday nights?," the news that American Idol has been cancelled also means that Ryan Seacrest will have a lot more time on his hands. The handsome host has been working on the show for 13 years, so not having it as part of his life will surely mean a major change. Considering this fact, he seems to be coping well. Seacreast released a touching statement about American Idol's cancellation:

“American Idol has been a big part of my life for so long, it’s frankly hard to imagine it without it. It’s been a remarkable journey, and I feel very fortunate to have been part of a show that made television history in countless ways. It’s a show about chasing and fulfilling dreams, and truth be told, it helped some of my own dreams come true too.

All the American Idol producers, judges, crew and everyone at Fox have been heroic in their efforts to create, produce and sustain such a groundbreaking show for so many years. I’m so glad they’re going to give us a season-long send off. The last season will undoubtedly be a special and emotional one, but first I’m looking forward to closing out Season 14. The finale is always my favorite part – two live shows with lots of surprises, and, of course, one winner!”

He also took to Twitter to share the news in the form of an announcement, some nostalgia, and a glimmer of hope.

He seems pretty optimistic, perhaps because he has always had a lot more going on than just Idol. He has his foot in most forms of media, a regular media mogul of all trades. He is the host of On Air With Ryan Seacrest on KIIS, the managing editor of E! News, and the producer of such shows as Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

Though he still has quite a lot of American Idol still to do, he will presumably keep up with his production and hosting. Signs point to him expanding his repertoire beyond reality TV. He is serving as executive producer on the upcoming crime drama Shades of Blue, starring Jennifer Lopez. This is an NBC show, rather than E!, which suggests Seacrest might be moving away from the network.

In addition to his behind the scenes plans, there are surely more hosting gigs besides Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve that occur more than once a year. All things considered, I'm sure that Idol is far from the last we'll see of Ryan Seacrest.