Every Time Rebel Wilson Was A +Size Fashion Icon

Rebel Wilson has been open about her desire to be more of a plus-size style icon — her on-trend cape dress at the MTV Movie Awards showing us that she was serious about it. The comedian's fashion sense has continued to evolve and Rebel Wilson's Pitch Perfect 2 premiere outfits are the very chic proof. While I have always thought that Wilson's style is gorgeous, she has definitely started giving me major outfit envy on the regular. She's completely stepping up her red carpet and street style game right now and what better place to do it than fashionable Europe?

The actress' TV promos and European tour have brought some of the Barden Bella's most aca-mazing looks yet. From stunning in polished midi skirts from Eloquii, to a minimalist casual look in a plaid coat and slip-ons, Wilson is definitely on her way to achieving that "icon status" without losing her personality or sense of humor. I mean, posing barefoot with a pineapple while on a private jet? It's encouraging to see her taking an interest in fashion without her abandoning the personality that made us all fall in love with her. Pretty and funny, I'm very much into it: Please never ever change, Rebel.

It's also important that she has stated, "I am the type of girl with zero fashion sense but I am getting into it now." While my first reaction was that we need more visible plus-size leading women of all ages (and I stand by that) and to not force the one or two that do exist to be fashion icons, I also appreciate Wilson's candidness.

Aside from tips about how to "look slimmer" or "create an hourglass shape," there hasn't ever been much by way of fashion tips for plus-size women of our generation. Whether or not we were interested in all things sartorial, we might not have been able to get much practice shopping for pieces to achieve cool looks or putting those kinds of outfits together. The deluge of plus-size options is still pretty new, y'all.

Instead of just showing up at events looking flawlessly styled, I think Wilson's transparency when it comes to her needing practice and help while exploring fashion is important. It shows other young women that fashion is something they can be interested in, and that it isn't always effortless. Is there anything not to love about her?

OK, OK, I know you're dying to see these drool-worthy looks already. Here are seven of those remarkable ensembles:

1. Mad About Plaid

Wilson looks sleek and chic in this minimalist look.

2. Pop Of Pink

This interesting neckline and fitted dress look incredible on the actress. And those curls!

3. Polished In A Pencil Skirt

This black and white printed pencil skirt with clean lines in an infusion of bright blue is the perfect bombshell look for Wilson.

4. Midi Magic

Jewel tones and a slight crop in that top? So simple, but elegant.

5. Pretty Purple

Big shades, bedazzled flats, and an oversized coat? That's a lesson in classic glamour right there.

6. Peplum Princess

This belted red peplum suits the star perfectly and the color is stunning with her complexion. Bonus points for a high pony.

7. That Premiere Look


This teal Maria Rinaldi dress brings out the blue in Wilson's eyes and the cascade effect and bejeweled neckline details elevate this classic silhouette.

Images: Getty; rebelwilson/Instagram; accesshollywood, ELOQUII, Jennifer0693/Twitter