9 Times Ashley Benson Dressed Like Her Characters

Collage of photos of Ashley Benson dressed like her characters

Well, it's really no surprise that Canada’s style and beauty magazine FASHION tapped Ashley Benson as its summer issue cover girl. After all, Ashley Benson's outfits have pretty much always been on point. Dressed in a Tom Ford white fitted dress with black sheer cutouts along the sides, there’s no denying that this pretty little liar is all grown up. As Benson experiments with different roles in movies, like indie film Spring Breakers and the anticipated 2016 rom-com Chronically Metropolitan, there's been a definite parallel between the young actress's maturing talent and personal style.

Benson expresses to FASHION’s features editor Elio Iannacci that she wants to avoid the “type cast curse” many actors face (i.e. Saved By The Bell's Dustin Diamond, otherwise known as Screech — and only Screech). However, considering her ability to play and completely embody so many different roles successfully while continuing to grow with each character, I think it’s safe to say she's in the clear.

She has also abstained from being categorized into one style label. Known best for her role as Hanna Marin in the ABC family hit series Pretty Little Liars, she started out as the preppy, high-end shopper always there to inform her friends what was on trend. As the show progressed, so did little Hanna.

Benson states during her interview with FASHION that her character experiences an “insecure phase, a popular-cool girl moment and a phase where she didn’t know who she was anymore. Every season she figures out a little bit more of herself.” After taking a browse through the many stylings of Ashley Benson over the years, I’m beginning to think that with every role, she figures out a little bit more about herself as a fashion icon, incorporated bits and pieces from then to create the master piece we see now. Check out nine times Ashley Benson integrated her characters fashion finds into her personal style.

1. The Crop Top

Swapping the very '80s off-the-shoulder polka dots for a modern, floral halter, Benson is case and point for why crop tops have and will continue to rule fashion.

2. The Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces seem to go in and out of style, and though we've definitely upgraded from the original plastic black number you see in her Zoey 101 cameo, Benson cleverly uses the '90s throwback as a Halloween accessory.

3. The Big Brown Jacket

You can definitely see where Benson's style in brown jackets has matured between her role on Days of Our Lives and now. The yellow cat ears are a nice touch, too.

4. The Plaid Shirt

I love a good plaid and, clearly, so does Ashley Benson!

5. The Patterned Jacket

Snake print, florals — it all just works.

6. The Beanie

If you follow this Pretty Little Liar, you know that beanies are a staple in Ashley Benson's wardrobe. Normally I'd say she's probably covering up some major bedhead, but with her perfect golden locks, I doubt it.

7. The Leather Jacket

Ashley Benson knows nothing says "cool girl" like a leather jacket.

8. The Skimpy Bikini

Bikini tops definitely count as clothing, right?

9. The Coat & Scarf Combo

Whether she's shakin' what her mama gave her in a bikini and shorts or bundling up under a winter coat and scarf, Ashley Benson's style is always on point. We're not worthy.

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