'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air's Will Smith & Hilary Banks Ruled The Show & Here's 7 Moments To Prove It

From the moment Will Smith first arrives in Bel-Air, he and Carlton are pretty much attached at the hip. The homeboy from West Philadelphia and his bougie prep-school cousin couldn't be more different. And yet, they form a bond and friendship that continues throughout the entire series. Because Carlton and Will's relationship dominated The Fresh Prince , Will's relationship with his eldest cousin Hilary isn't often talked about. Still, Will and Hil build there own rapport with one another and the results are usually hysterical.

Hilary Banks is best known for her outrageous spending and shopping habits. Though she's a bit ditzy and spoiled, her career journey is one of the major plot points in the series. When Will takes up residence with the Banks in Bel-Air, Hilary is challenged for the first time in her life. As Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv struggle to point Will in the right direction, they realize that the same must be done for Hilary. Growing up in environments that were polar opposites to one another, Will and Hil are vastly different people. However, their relationship works because of their differences. Here are seven of the best Will Smith and Hilary Banks moments from Fresh Prince.

When Will Understands Hil's Need For A New Hat

In the pilot episode of Fresh Prince, we are first introduced to Hilary when she bursts in the room to tell Uncle Phil she needs $300 for a new hat. Though Uncle Phil is puzzled, Will immediately understands Hil's love of head-wear.

When Will Blackmails Hil

Will finds out that Hilary has dropped out of college, and has yet to inform her parents. Instead of ratting her out, he blackmails her for his silence and the results are hilarious.

When Will Understands Hil's Dating Standards

Hilary's two loves are money and herself. Her love of wealth often dictated the type of men she went out with, and no one understood this more than Will.

When Will Tries To Teach Hil About the Importance of Exercise

Will and his cousins head to the gym to get into better shape. However, after realizing that she'll actually have to sweat, Hilary decides that exercise isn't for her.

The Time Hil & Will Are Disgusted By A Lover's Spat

Will's mom Vy brings her new beau to Bel-Air to meet the Banks family. During their visit, the pair have an argument and all of their dirty laundry is exposed. Both Hil and Will are horrified by the display.

When Will Ruins Hil's Hair Appointment

Will makes Hilary miss her hair appointment with her normal stylist. Her backup stylist clearly doesn't understand how to do black hair and Hil ends up looking as if she's been electrocuted.

When Will Explains Bungee Jumping to Hil

Hilary's boyfriend Trevor proposes to her while he's bungee jumping. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned Will must explain the logistics of bungee jumping to his very confused cousin.

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