Leona Lewis Is Back With A Fantastic New Single

Searching for a pick-me-up on this fine Monday afternoon? Look no further: Leona Lewis' new single, "Fire Under My Feet," is bound to get you movin' and groovin'. (That's right, I said movin' AND groovin'!) For those of you who are struggling to remember who Leona Lewis is right now, allow me refresh your memory with two simple words: "Bleeding Love." Yup, the now 30-year-old X Factor U.K. winner first hit it big in the United States with the catchy and emotional power ballad all the way back in 2008. Unfortunately, her subsequent releases haven't been unable to match the song's massive success (though her music has remained popular in other parts of the world).

Feeling pressured to make an LP that didn't feel "true" to herself, Lewis decided to leave her record label, Simon Cowell's Syco Records, in June 2014, eventually inking a new deal with Island Records. Since then, she's been hard at work on her upcoming fifth studio album, I Am . "Fire Under My Feet," a soulful and empowering anthem that finds Lewis singing about taking control of her life and embracing a new beginning (*cough* leaving Syco *cough*), is the lead offering from the project. On the triumphant chorus, the singer proclaims:

I got fire under my feet

And I feel it in my heartbeat

Oh, you can't put out these flames

You can't keep me down in my seat

I got fire under my feet

And I feel it in my heartbeat

Oh, go get out of the blaze

If you can't take the heat


Check out the "Fire Under My Feet" music video below.

"Fire Under My Feet" has a bit of a "Rolling in the Deep" quality to it, right? If the track receives a substantial promotional push in the United States, I could definitely see it catching on. I, for one, would absolutely love to hear her beautiful voice on the radio waves again. Let's face it: There are very few artists in the music industry today who can sing at Lewis' level. Hopefully, "Fire Under My Feet" marks the beginning of her U.S. comeback.

Image: leonalewisVEVO/YouTube