L’Oréal's Subway Makeup Vending Machines Hit NYC, So Forgetting Your Eyeliner Just Stopped Being a Big Deal

Remember that awkward moment when you sprinted to catch your train and realized you forgot your makeup bag? What, that was this morning? Cue *whomp whomp* sound effect. Well, if you're in NYC, the days of being makeupless in the subway tunnels could be no more: L’Oréal has launched an "Intelligence Color Experience" vending machine at the Bryant Park subway station containing more than 700 items.

From now until the end of December, subway users will be able to stock up on L’Oréal's beauty products with the brand's interactive machine. To activate it, users first have to step in front of the full-length mirror. The machine will then suggest potential makeup products and combinations for them to try that will either "Match" or "Clash" their outfit. (This all sounds very Tokyo, doesn't it? Whatever it is, we're into it.)

Of course, there's so much more to the "Intelligence Color Experience" than its ability to pop out lipsticks and eyeliners — it's a high-tech experience, according to Marc Speichert, L’Oréal Americas’s chief marketing officer. According to Speichert:

What’s amazing with the technology is that we’ll have the ability to measure the level of engagement, based on the number of people who pass by, the number who interact with each screen, the number who leave their information.

Although Blake Lively is the L'Oréal's newest spokesperson, she was not present for the campaign's unveiling; however, model Coco Rocha was in attendance to test out the machine during the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

L’Oréal does not have any plans on expanding the machines to other stations, but, according to Speichert, "if this experiment is successful, we might bring it to other places."

Um. Yes. Please.

Image: lorealparisusa/Instagram