How Many Ali Doppelgängers Will 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6 Premiere With? My Money Is On Three

The general consensus surrounding the new Pretty Little Liars Season 6 promo is that it's creepy as all heck. I mean, come on: Tormented screaming, messages carved into walls, and menacing hooded figures abounds — all set to Mona singing "Hush Little Baby" in the most haunting voice ever? Disarming as it may be, it's my civic duty as a Pretty Little Liars fan to parse it for every single clue it could possibly contain — and luckily, the new trailer has a lot of interesting implications, but perhaps most fascinating of all is the theory that there might be three Ali doppelgangers in the Pretty Little Liars Dollhouse — Ali herself, Mona Vanderwaal, and a third girl whose identity will remain pure speculation until June 2.

But before you call me insane, consider this: There's an image of a young woman in a yellow shirt, shot from the neck down (so we conveniently can't see her actual face) in the trailer and some fans are theorizing that it might not actually be Ali or Mona — she may be a third character. Crazy, right?

There's also the fact that Mona's got a closet full of ruffley yellow tank tops: We got a brief shot of Aria peering into Mona's closet in the Dollhouse, and you know what was in there (besides a scrawled message, reading "He's going to kill me")? Several yellow, ruffled tanks. Now, are they all for Mona, or are they for all other iterations of Ali? From the promo, as well as the episode images, we already know that Ali and Mona will both be wearing the yellow shirt, but it's not out of the question that a third girl is there to fill those tanks. Suspicions arose when eagle-eyed fans noticed that one shot of Ali/Mona in the trailer seemed... off. The ratted hair is too long to match Ali's short and sleek haircut, and the shoes might not match the ones we see Mona wearing. Let's take a look:

Clean cut and rather short, right? Now look at this:

Definitely not short and definitely not clean cut — so it's probably not Alison. Now, compare it to Mona:

Are those the same shoes or aren't they? They're both grey booties, but is it just me, or do Mona's have a slightly higher heel and a smoother appearance?

So who the hell is this mystery person? Well, about a month ago a model/actress named Dre Davis posted a selfie of herself on the set of Pretty Little Liars wearing — you guessed it — that same dirt-smudged ruffled tank, paired with a bedraggled long blonde wig. Could she be the mystery girl from the promo?

The Instagram was deleted almost immediately, but not before screenshots were taken. Ostensibly, she's to play a new character named Kimberly Brown — which does very little in the way of explaining why she's wearing Ali's clothes. Luckily, Tumblr has blown up with theories: As anomelli points out, the addition of Kimberly would make three — just as there were three girls who disappeared on the same night; Alison, Bethany Young, and Sara Harvey.

From the other evidence we can glean from the trailer (namely, Aria's pink-streaked hair), it looks like A's going for a reenactment here. Could Mona, Ali, and Kimberly all be representing Ali, Bethany, and Sara? (To jog your memory, Sara was a third blonde who disappeared the same night as Bethany and Ali.) Alternate theories posit that Kimberly could also be posing as Cece Drake, yet another Ali-lookalike.

Whichever way it ends up going, there's a lot of room for faux-twin (and triplet) dramarama, and the real joy is going to be watching it all unravel.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; Pretty Litte Liars/YouTube