Blind Beauty Vlogger Lucy Edwards Is A Makeup Pro

Lucy Edwards went fully blind when she was 17 years old as a result of a rare genetic condition. When she turned 19, she decided to become a beauty vlogger and now, Lucy Edwards shares tutorials about applying makeup when you're blind on YouTube under the username Yesterdays Wishes. Edwards started because she wanted to stay positive when she finally lost her eyesight.

“The YouTube community for blind beauty bloggers is small,” she explained to Buzzfeed. “When I was plunged into blindness, there were no resources for this kind of thing, and it took me hours and hours to learn how to do my make-up. But I’ve met people online who I can talk to, and get support from. And we can all be a network together."

At first, her sister Alice helped her come up with a makeup routine that she could feel comfortable applying without being able to see what she was doing. Edwards said that it took about a year before she felt like she was confident enough to do it on her own, saying that she would often get frustrated, and understandably so. Alice will sometimes remark that Lucy's eyeliner is thicker than she would've liked it back when she could see, a comment that Lucy just has to trust.

"I have to calm down, and trust people," Edwards told Buzzfeed. "That’s a factor when you go blind. You have to put your trust in people a lot more with the way you look."

Edwards has her basic makeup routine down, but she has also mastered makeup techniques that are anything but basic, including filling in her brows and contouring. Surprisingly, Edwards finds that putting on lipstick is one of the hardest things to do without a mirror, which is why Edwards tends to stick to lip gloss.

Watch some of her tutorials below, like how to get a glam look.

Images: Yesterdayswishes/Youtube (2)