Noah Galloway Proposed To His Girlfriend On 'Dancing With The Stars' & It Was A Sweet Show Of Love — VIDEO

As if the semifinals weren't emotional enough, Noah Galloway proposed to his girlfriend on Dancing With the Stars . He picked the public display of affection to pay homage to the time she came and surprised him on the show weeks earlier. "Jamie [Boyd] has been so supportive throughout my entire journey. I have been wanting to propose for a while, and when she surprised me in the Skybox, it was such a shock, if I had the ring with me I would have done it right then and there," he told People magazine.

That was a moment when I knew I wanted to propose to her on the show. I always thought if I made it to the finale I would propose, but I realized the competition is so stiff I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by in case this is the end of the road for me on the show.

So, after his high-scoring performance on Monday, Galloway met up backstage with his girlfriend, who had nothing but praise for her man. "I would love to say I'm surprised [that he's still here], but I'm not," she told host Erin Andrews. "You have done amazing. You're a beautiful dancer, and you have a beautiful heart."

Her comments made the judges and audience teary-eyed, but it was nothing compared to what Galloway had in store for her. "The song, 'Time of My Life,' you give that to me and I've got to do this here," he said referencing the David Cook song he had just danced to. Then he got down on one-knee and popped the question. Boyd of course accepted. "Oh, heck yes!" She answered giving Galloway a hug. "I'm speechless, and I'm never speechless."

Mirroball trophy or not, Galloway and Boyd are both walking away from this competition as winners, because they have each other.

Image: Adam Taylor/ABC