Reflective Wear Isn't Just For Celebs Anymore

The paparazzi are everywhere, and their crimes aren't just reserved for the super rich and famous. Today, even the normal college kid or working millennial can earn some negative PR after a wild party, what with everyone carrying a camera phone. However, the new reflective wear clothing line called Flashback may have you covered from here on out.

Los Angeles-based music producer Chris Holmes used the not-so-new reflective wear technology in an innovative way for the most paparazzi-proof outfit A-listers and D-listers alike could own.

"If you take a photo with an iPhone or any kind of smart phone with a flash, the camera can’t compensate for the brightness of the jacket, so it turns into pure white and everything else is completely blacked out," Holmes told CBS Los Angeles.

The clothing is made of the same material used in stop signs and Marlon Brando's original "Superman" costume. So, yes, you can consider yourself a classic superhero in these threads.

"The idea originally was, you know, to kind of give people more control over whether or not they are photographed," Holmes said. "Pretty much everywhere you go, everybody’s got their camera out. Everybody’s waiting for a crazy moment to capture to post online."

A scarf and a hoodie are now being sold on for $200 a piece. We already see some potential customers. Last year, model Cara Delevingne wore a hooded vest made of similar material.

"It’s not necessarily made for paparazzi and celebrities. It’s the idea that everybody acts like the paparazzi and so the clothing is for everybody to kind of get back their consent. It’s also really fun to play with,” Holmes said, according to CBS Los Angeles.

For more information on the Flashback Clothing line, click here.

Images: Betabrand