The New 'Grey’s Anatomy' Interns Might Shake Things Up In Season 12, So Here's What You Should Know

It’s about time we see some new faces! Grey’s Anatomy introduced new interns last week and though some fans may only care about the characters we already know and love, it’s still exciting when new faces pop up in the hospital. Though this Thursday is the Grey’s Anatomy season finale, we still need to take the time to get to know the interns. So using what we saw in last week's episode, I put together a list of everything you need to know about the newbies, including my best predictions for their futures. It’s been 10 years, I think by know I can figure out how Shonda Rhimes' mind works.

We met five interns last week who work under Dr. Edwards. I am still trying to figure out why Jo doesn't have any interns, but so far we have the hot liar, the know-it-all, the Spencer Pratt look-alike, the new 007, and the one that was literally only in one shot. Hopefully we will be seeing more of these interns in the season finale, as well as in Season 12, but until then we have April Kepner standing on top of a car like she’s Superwoman to look forward to. Here’s what we know about the new interns thus far, and I warn you: it’s not much.

The Liar, aka Andrew

Ah, Andrew DeLuca, the only person who got a name last episode. There’s always one who gets on your nerves from the beginning, am I right? It’s like staring into baby Karev’s eyes. He lies and says he’s a doctor when in fact he’s just an intern. You know before we learned the truth, I was like “Yes! A new hot doctor. Best day ever,” but since he’s already lying to people, I have a feeling he’s probably going to be the one that people don’t really like.

The Know-It-All

We don’t even know her yet and she’s already cutting off the chief to ask questions during his opening speech. I have a feeling she will probably be very good and determined, but also cutthroat, much like Cristina Yang, and we’ve been missing that sort of personality for a year now. There’s no doubt on my mind that she’ll be very capable, but I predict that she will accidentally kill a patient and have a hard time dealing with it.

The Guy With The Brie Tart

Let’s examine the Spencer Pratt doppelgänger for a moment. When they were in the locker room and Edwards announced that Webber was getting married, he awkwardly said “hooray.” Then he was caught eating a brie tart by Bailey. I get the feeling we have a new George. Here’s his predicted plotline: he has a crush on know-it-all intern, but she does not reciprocate, because she's interested in either Andrew or Karev.

The One Who Almost Paralyzed A Pregnant Woman

He’s the 007 of the group. In case you forgot, that means he’s got a license to kill. There’s always someone who messes up on the first day. In this case we don't even know his name yet, but he will probably stick around for a while to mess things up a bit. Poor guy.

The Intern That Didn’t Talk… At All

Realistically, her silence could be a sign that we won't see her very often, but you never know. Maybe this intern will become the most important character of Grey's Anatomy Season 12.

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