Emma Stone On 'Interview' Cover Resembles Some Other Legendary Redheads

Whoa! Just when you thought Emma Stone couldn't get anymore gorgeous, she goes and pulls this. Emma Stone's Interview cover is a beautiful, tangled mess of red hair and porcelain skin and the actress, who is the A-est of the A-list for the under 30-set, channels '60s ginger siren Ann-Margaret as well as Lindsay Lohan.

Every Hollywood generation has a ginger that transcends and defines. I feel like Stone, who is a natural blonde, could also easily step into Nicole Kidman's Louboutins, because she also has the elements of grace and class, along with Margret's heat and without Lohan's drama. I've gleaned all this from the beauty of her May 2015 Interview cover.

The image is stunning, since it's effectively a headshot of the actress, whose career is at its hottest right now. Her hair is a bit more strawberry-tinted than I am used to seeing, but wow. It's just a scorcher, especially since her freckles are also a focal point, along with her soft pink lips.

I am sure this image would make my parents recall the days when Ann-Margret was the husky-voiced sex kitten who managed to bag Elvis Presley, also the hunk and heartthrob of his era.

Go ahead. Catch your breath.

But this image also makes me remember when Li Lo showed such promise, sparking a generation of teen lingo and parlance with Mean Girls. She was on top of the world then but got so tragically derailed by the ills of Hollywood. I remember when Stone, Emma first burst onto the scene and I thought she might be a poor woman's Li Lo. Not anymore!


This is a classic Ann-Margret shot. All hair and heat. That's the same thinking I am picking up from Stone's cover. But yeah, Margret was a total, total babe.

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And she still is! Her and Emma so need to play relatives in a film. But Stone's cover channels similar smoldering sexiness that Margret radiated decades ago.

Evan Agostini/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Emma Stone also fulfills the promise that once permeated La Lohan's existence and career in the early '00s. She exudes that same heat and with similar physical gifts.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She also could be the next Nicole Kidman, since she doesn't veer down the same bright lights, big city path of some of her peers. Stone is serious about her career and that also makes her cover more memorable. We don't see any skin, because we don't need to.

So while Emma Stone channels elements of some iconic redheads, she siphons them into her uniqueness, and that's why she is here to stay.

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