'Undateable' Will Be Back With One Big Difference

It's the most wonderful time of the year. No, not the holidays. It's Upfronts season, when networks announce their lineups for the fall and fans find out which shows on the brink of cancellation are coming back. Case in point: NBC's Undateable. NBC has been divesting itself of comedies lately. So, will Undateable return for Season 3, or will it never get past that second date? Rejoice, Chris D’Elia fans, for it is coming back! [UPDATE: Deadline reports that Undateable will return Oct. 9.]

Not only that, it's coming back soon. The first season of the show premiered at the end of May — that seems like a total summer burn-off to me, but I guess the network liked what it saw. This season came back a little earlier, in March, but it was still basically a spring/summer show. Now, after just a short break, it's going to return in the fall with the rest of NBC's regular fall lineup. As Deadline's fall calendar revealed, Undateable will air on Fridays at 8 p.m.

But just because it's returning for Season 3 doesn't mean that the show is going to come back exactly the same. In fact, NBC has one major change in store for Undateable when it returns in the fall.

Yep — they're doing it live. This follows the success of Undateable's one live episode this year. "There was just a modest ratings increase for the Undateable hourlong live episode but it was generally well received," Deadline reports. "That was probably an encouraging sign for NBC brass who have been mounting a major push in live entertainment or programs that have a live feel."

As intimidating as it may have been to pull off, that live episode might be what saved Undateable from cancellation. Who knows? An entire season of live episodes could make it NBC's next big hit.

Images: Darren Michaels/NBC/Warner Bros; Giphy