Sunscreen Shaming? Really? Yep, It Happens

It's not often that I am 100 percent baffled by something I stumble upon on the Interwebs, but that's my emotion towards this trend I just discovered. Sunscreen shaming is officially a thing or is on its way to becoming a thing. A ridiculous, WTF, "Why? Why? Why?" thing. Consider me somewhat alarmed.

Allure discovered a Reddit thread where Redditors discussed being shamed for using sunscreen, aka, for being responsible. I can only hope, wish, and pray that it doesn't become a trend or part of some "challenge" that millennials embark on. Healthy, cared for, and protected skin is always, always in, no matter the time of year, the season, or the trends of the minute.

Like I can't believe that it's an issue up for discussion. Granted, person who did the sunscreem shaming could be a teenager without the benefit of an informed opinion on sun safety, but that's also exactly how this sort of shaming could go viral.

Personally, I use SPF even when it's freezing or raining, because I am in the habit and always want to keep my skin protected, because you never, ever know. Sun exposure is sun exposure, no matter how hot or cold it is.

Another Redditor mentioned being sunscreen shamed for having pasty skin. How about this? Skin cancer is a thing. It's more of a thing than sunscreen shaming is a thing. That's all anyone needs to remember and know.


So please, I implore you as you read this, do not give up on SPF or protection, no matter the weather and no matter your complexion. Be like Wu Tang Clan and protect ya neck, too! All of it.

It does not add much time to your day to slather your skin with a moisturizer with SPF. And if you are going out in the sun all day, be sure and take the proper precautions.

The Reddit thread discussions are interesting, since some posters talk about loving their pale skin or even the historical leanings of such.

But these are three things to remember if you happen to be a victim of sunscreen shaming.

1. Beyond The Pale


There is nothing wrong with being pale. Sunkissed skin is nice and all, but why not use a self-tanner, bronzer, or spray? It's applies more evenly and is better for you, if a bit pricier. But it is equally fine to celebrate paleness. I'm Italian, yet I am light-skinned and I love my apparition tone! Pasty is only a matter of perception. Look at Taylor Swift or Emma Stone. They are as porcelain as it gets. Block out anyone who gives you hard time for being pale.

2. Suncreen Routine


Use SPF daily in your facial moisturizer so you don't need to stop and think about it. Keep a spray can of sunblock on hand for impromptu outside excursions. Remember that a sunburn damages skin, which is with you for your entire life, anytime someone might roll their eyes at you for using sunscreen.

3. Whatever You Do, Tan And Care For Your Skin Responsibly


I can safely assume that no one wants to look like Tan Mom, so do your homework when it comes to your skin. These are some general rules for caring for your skin responsibly when it comes to tanning and sun exposure: Avoid tanning beds. Tan responsibly. Use sunscreen even when getting a gel mani. Get your moles checked. Listen to a dermatologist, not someone who is like "OMG! Sunscreen sucks! Being pasty sucks."

I can't believe this all needs to be said, but hey, it's pre-emptive.

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