Red Carpet Fashion at the YouTube Music Awards Was Disappointingly Bad

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Very few watched the YouTube Music Awards on Sunday, which is — sad? Shrug-worthy? Did you even know they happened? Forbes called the number of viewers "embarrassing," TechCrunch termed the show "chaos," and the LA Times tenderly insisted it was a "noble experiment." What everyone seems to agree on is that while the evening was rough around the edges and not terribly interesting, it has the potential to be something cool in the future, if it ever happens again. The other thing everyone agrees on is that Eminem should not have won Artist of the Year.

The nominees' style may have been the worst part of the night. Maybe it's because YouTube is an amorphous online world, so people have trouble coming out from behind their screens and styling themselves in 3-D. Maybe it's because the pressure was a lot less than, say, the VMAs. There were one or two amazing looks, a handful of cute ones, and a few that left our eyeballs scalded with horror. Future YouTube sensations of the world, learn from their mistakes.

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