12 People Break Gender Rules With Their Prom Looks

When Louisiana high school student, Claudetteia Love, was told she wasn't allowed to wear a tuxedo to prom because she is female, it sparked a nation-wide movement to fight back against ridiculous and discriminatory prom dress codes. Now, MTV asks twelve students to dress for prom without care for typical gender rules, and the results are simply awe-worthy.

The video titled "It's Our Prom: A Night To De-gender" hones in on the idea that prom should really be a night to remember — for everyone, regardless of your gender identity, sexuality, or personal style. One of the participants, Harry, tells MTV, "prom should be a celebration for everyone, of their accomplishments and friendships made in high school," and I couldn't agree more. When school administrators tell girls they can't wear tuxedos and boys they can't wear dresses, it sends the message that being yourself just isn't OK unless you conform to societal pressure and wear what's expected of you.

This project serves as a truly inspiring attempt to break all gender rules, allowing a group of people to celebrate their diverse personalities and style sensibilities through fun and creative fashion looks. Let's hear what the participants have to say about the issue, and check out the cool prom looks they came up with.

1. "It's about creating environments where people can be eccentric, strange, peculiar, and celebrating people for their difference rather than trying to assimilate them into norms."

Alok says, "what you are, what you feel, how you dress, is totally legitimate, and you shouldn't ever have to feel like you have to be something you're not." Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where everyone felt this way? And how cool is this ensemble?

2. "I love wearing fun, gorgeous gowns like this because I feel like I'm expressing myself authentically, and I feel like I'm living my truth, and owning who I am, and sharing that with the world."

"If someone is telling you that you can't wear something or that you can't be yourself, you should just do it anyway." says Jacob. Amen to that! I'm loving this super glam style.

3. "If prom is supposed to be this quintessential high school experience that all young people are supposed to have, what are they doing to make them feel included?"

This retro style is totally elegant with a unique touch. Check out those sparkly shoes!

4. "When I get dressed I want to feel powerful. I love the strong lines, and silhouettes, and the embellishments that were such an integral part of 80s fashion."

"The hair, the clothes, the attitude, all of it just connoted power." says Harry. And this looks is definitely fierce. Work it!

Check out the full video below to see the rest of the looks from the shoot.

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