The Weirdest Things Couples Do To Get Pregnant

Some couples that are trying to conceive get lucky on the first go-round, but many more have to try for months (or even years) to get a bun in the oven. It’s unsurprising that a lot couples tend to get a bit weird throughout a process that requires regularly peeing in cups and having extremely well-timed sex (I mean, who wouldn’t, right?). This video explores the weird things couples do while trying to get pregnant, from hanging out upside down post-sex to curtailing masturbatory habits, and it's hilarious.

The video is part of a comedy series about the “Weird Couple,” made up of real-life married duo Elizabeth Triplett and Justin Abarca. Previous installments have included “Weird Ways Couples Say ‘I Love You’” and “Weird Things Couples Do On Date Night.” This latest video shows the many stages of baby-making, from deciding to start a family, to trying to figure out how anyone can possibly afford it (The kicker: “We’re … gonna have to cancel cable.” What?!), to the disappointment of negative pregnancy tests. The video demonstrates just how having to have sex according to a very specific schedule can warp a couple’s sex life, transforming from oh-so-sexy seduction scenes like this:

To this:

To this:

The video exposes the process of getting pregnant as less than glamorous, but it’s all worthwhile when the Weird Couple gets a positive pregnancy test in the end. Even better is the fact that Triplett and Abarca are soon to become parents in real life, as Abarca recently revealed on Instagram:


Images: YouTube (4)