9 Places Where You Should NEVER Wear Flip Flops

by Katharine McEntee

I have a love/hate relationship with flip flops, being that I love their comfort, but hate their lack of versatility. While I will happily wear flip flops at the beach or by the pool, there are just some places you should not wear flip flops, like a bar. (Trust me, I did that once in L.A. and had to beg the bouncer to let me in.) Since then, I try to have an extra pair of shoes in my beach bag at all times, because flip flops just aren’t practical for every situation.

While a bar is an obvious place not to wear flip flops, there are some not so obvious places where flip flops are inappropriate. For instance, it doesn’t seem like a big deal to wear flip flops in the city, but it is! City streets are grimy and gross, and by the time you get home from walking around town, your feet are covered in dirt and you might actually have some sort of infection. Due to their lack of coverage, flip flops are not a sophisticated shoe, so they shouldn’t be worn in the workplace either (even if you work at a super chill startup). In fact, the only job where flip flops are acceptable footwear is lifeguard duty.

Whether you’re worried about hygiene or simple outfit etiquette, I’ve got you covered with these nine places you should never ever wear flip flops to.

1. A Nice Restaurant

Don't be fooled by the dolled up, bedazzled versions: Flip flops will never be dressy. Due to the amount of exposure and obnoxious noise they make when you walk, these excuses for sandals will forever be a casual shoe. So if you are going out for a nice brunch or dinner, make sure to leave the flip flops at home.

2. Music Festivals

Your feet will get stepped on, your shoes might break, and porta potties are not clean!

3. On The Road


You jump in the car to run errands or head to the beach, and you don't think twice about wearing flip flops. Truth is, driving in flip flops is dangerous. Since they aren't securely fastened to your feet, it is easy for them to fall off and get stuck under the pedals. If you think taking your flip flops off and driving barefoot is better, think again! Wear shoes if you are going to drive, and if you are going to the beach, pack flip flops in your bag.

4. Public Transportation

I have already given you my spiel about wearing flip flops in the city, but what's even worse is wearing flip flops on the subway. Not only is the subway a dirty place, but it's also a dangerous place for exposed feet. In fact, a friend of mine wore flip flops on the subway and stubbed her toe stepping onto the train. In a matter of 24 hours, she had to get an awful infection — needless to say, she never wore flip flops on the subway again.

5. In The Kitchen

Cooking in flip flops is super dangerous. Sharp knives and bubbling oil have the potential to really mess up your feet. So wear some leather slippers or actual shoes when you are cooking up dinner.

6. Exploring The Great Outdoors


Flip flops are not made for outdoor activities, so don't wear them romping around in nature. If you forgot hiking shoes, don't attempt to hike or explore the great outdoors with flip flops — you will end up in pain due to the lack of arch support in the shoe. Also, nature isn't clean, so it's possible to get some kind of infection in the garden or countryside if you are wearing flip flops.

7. At A Bar/Club

Most bars and clubs have dress codes, and they don't include flip flops! So if it's a hot summer night and you are going out dancing, opt for a heeled sandal instead so that you can get in and not get stepped on.

8. At Work

No one at work wants to be interrupted by your noisy shoes! Flip flops are too casual and too obnoxious to wear to work.

9. Public Restrooms

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Your feet are completely exposed and there are so many germs. Just don't do it!

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