Is Dorinda Medley's Daughter, Hannah, A Model IRL?

Dorinda Medley's presence on the Real Housewives of New York, this far into the season, has been very welcomed on my end. I kind of get this Caroline Manzo vibe from her, and I love Caroline Manzo — she's basically part of my "fambily." Dorinda has all of the characteristics I like in a housewife; she's strong, outspoken, proudly wears her true colors, and she has all of that in daughter form, too. Hannah, Dorinda Medley's daughter, has also joined the show this season. Hannah lives with her mom in New York. But what does Hannah do, now that she's taking time off from school?

Despite having a very outgoing personality on Real Housewives of New York, Hannah actually lives a pretty low-key life on the Internet. Her Instagram is private, but I don't really blame her for wanting some normalcy in her now relatively public life. But that does leave me wondering what Hannah does day-to-day. Judging by Dorinda's awesome attitude towards Hannah purchasing a $1,700 Fendi bag, I can't imagine Dorinda just lets Hannah steal her credit card and have fun with it all day. Hannah does have a model look, although because Hannah's Instagram is private, it's kind of hard to tell if she is working towards becoming a professional model or not. But maybe the following photos say differently. Here are the most model-y photos from Dorinda's Instagram of Hannah, Kristen Taekman approved.

1. This Child Model Photo

Maybe this isn't that model-y, but then again, "Hannah Banana" is serving up some serious face in this baby photo. Maybe she was just ahead of her time.

2. This Slow-Mo High Fashion Video

So tech savvy, Dorinda. As Ramonacoaster would say, "kadooze." Here's Hannah living in a beautiful Oscar de la Renta gown, that basically screams "You better work, covergirl!"

3. This Fierce Photo With Her Mama

Tyra Banks would be all over that smize. Watch out Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne, here comes Hannah Banana.

4. This Incredible Child Diva Photo

We all had that fur as kids that made us feel like Beyonce, right?

5. This Pucker Up Photo

Eyebrows on fleek. Lips on fleek. All of it on fleek. This photo is why the word "fleek" was created.

6. The "On Holiday" Photo

So if Hannah isn't modeling, I think Dorinda has given us enough proof that girlfriend could definitely vogue with the best of them, if she so chooses.