A U.S. Marine Helicopter Is Missing in Nepal — REPORT

A U.S. Marine helicopter was reported missing in Nepal Tuesday, according to Reuters. Six Marines and two Nepalese soldiers were on board the Huey UH-1, which disappeared while delivering aid supplies to victims of the earthquake.

The Associated Press reported that the aircraft was carrying out aid operations near Charikot, Nepal, about 80 miles from Kathmandu and one of the most affected areas. The helicopter, which was part of the Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 469, disappeared on the same day a second major earthquake occurred near Nepal's Chinese border. The second quake is estimated to have killed 42 people and injured 1,117.

Marines began delivering aid supplies on May 4, nine days after the first earthquake struck. NBC News ran an interview with Maj. Jason Laird, who is helping with the Nepalese relief efforts, the day before the aircraft's disappearance. He and his fellow Marines have flown food and aid supplies to victims of the attack. "Visibility in the Himalayas is challenging," he said.

According to NBC, there were 322 U.S. forces on the ground in Nepal as of Friday.