7 Best Moments From 'The Catch' Trailer

We now have another reason to be thankful for Thursdays. Shondaland is adding a new series to its lineup, this one called The Catch. Starring The Killing's Mireille Enos and executive produced by Jennifer Schuur, Betsy Beers, Julie Anne Robinson and, of course, Scandal-maker Shonda Rhimes, the new show released its first trailer for the television Upfront announcements. It features everything we love about Shondaland: scandals, powerful women, intrigue, plot twists and lots and lots of sex.

ABC released a whole slew of trailers for the new shows coming down the road: Uncle Buck, The Muppets, The Real O'Neils, Oil, Wicked City, Of Kings and Prophets, Quantico, Dr. Ken and The Family. But The Catch is a real standout. Enos plays Alice Martin, a woman who uncovers fraud for a living. She's great at it, which is apparent from her success, but she has a blind spot for her fiancé, who has been secretly conning her for the duration of their entire relationship. Now, before this scandal ruins her career, she's determined to track down this man and deal with him herself.

This one seems to have a lot in common with Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder , and, if those are any indication, The Catch will be an edge-of-your seat thriller. Watch the trailer below.

To add more evidence to our case, here are some of the most exciting moments from the first trailer.

1. A New Sheriff In Town

There's a new woman coming to give Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating a run for their crowns as baddest bosses in town. Just like these two powerful women, Alice has the smarts to stay at the top of her career and deal with a life-ruining fiasco in her personal life. Unfortunately, she also has their weaknesses: she's been unlucky in love. Is it possible to have it all, like Liz Lemon?

2. A Killer Career

Who runs the world? The ladies of Shondaland. I love watching them work, whether it's seducing someone into giving up his or her secrets, serving up a platter of harsh reality or stomping on their enemies with Manolo Blahniks.

3. Turning Up The Heat

It wouldn't be a Shondaland drama if someone wasn't getting some touchy nookie nickie. Rhimes knows exactly what we want, and she knows how to give it to us. Hopefully, just like with Scandal, and more fiercely in HTGAWM, there will be some man-on-man, or man-on-man-on-man, or woman-on-woman, or woman-on-man-on-man-on-woman action to come. Shonda, don't fail me now!

4. Hot Guys

God, I hate this guy after watching the trailer, but whatdda 'bout dat smile though? It's like you can't be on Shondaland without abs and a Crest commercial-worthy grin that would bring angels to tears.

5. Pulling the Curtain Back

There's always a big twist. I'm still getting over the one with McDreamy in Grey's Anatomy . But this one tastes more bitter than usual. However, I can always find solace in the fact that, no matter how bad Alice's betrayal feels, her revenge will feel all the more sweet.

6. Out For Revenge

There's no wrath like a woman scorned, but let's rephrase: there's no wrath like a Shonda-woman scorned. It's still remarkable that, even in a fictional setting, there are those dimwitted enough to step to someone like Alice and think they can walk away scot free.

7. She Will Haunt Your Dreams

This guy, Evan (played by Damon Dayoub), may have walked away with all of Alice's money, but he got too close to the mark. Now, she's all he can think about, and isn't that true of all Shondaland women? There's something about them that's unforgettable.