Leo Took His Mom Out For Fancy Tea. Jealous?

There are some celebrities who are super close with their moms. For example, if you didn't know already, Leonardo DiCaprio is best friends with his mom. That's right, the actor loves his mom more than words, which he proved on Mother's Day. According to Page Six, DiCaprio sipped tea with his mom on her very special day, because he is one amazing son. Who else would love to have tea with DiCaprio? Me too.

Page Six reports on Sunday DiCaprio was at the Palm Court at the Plaza for a "deluxe tea" with his mother, Irmelin. Not only did his mom get to celebrate Mother's Day with her son, but also Dicpario's friend and Wolf of Wall Street co-star Ethan Suplee. A source revealed that the group had a great time: “The happy group ordered various teas and tiered trays of tiny sandwiches and pastries. Leo was eating salmon and drinking tea. He seemed to be enjoying a lovely Mother’s Day with his mom.”

Apparently, DiCaprio made his mom extremely happy with their tea date, because a source revealed, “Leo’s mom was snapping a lot of photos, and they stayed for about two hours. On the way out, Leo’s mom even kissed the wait staff on their cheeks, thanking everyone."

DiCaprio's special day for his mom didn't stop there, as it was reported that he took Irmelin to a play later that day. See? Best. Son. Ever.

As much as I really wish I could've watched DiCaprio sip on some tea, we'll just have to imagine. If this round up of him drinking assorted beverages is any indication, it probably looked something like this:


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