Cara's Starring In A Sci-Fi Flick

In equal parts good and bad news, Cara Delevingne landed another film role. And that's all kinds of great for advancing her career as an actress and getting more Cara-time on the big screen, but I just have one question: what does this mean for her modeling career?

After starring in Paper Towns, Suicide Squad, and guest starring in this summer's Pan, the British model nabbed another major film role, this time in Luc Besson's adaption of Valerian, a sci-fi graphic novel series, which she will be co-starring in along with Dane DeHaan. The movie will begin shooting in December, with a slated for a summer 2017 release, so we've still got some time to wait to see Cara in all her sci-fi glory.

As a massive Cara fan, I couldn't be more excited for this big step forward in her career, but I'm hoping she doesn't leave modeling for acting altogether. I mean, I can't imagine a Chanel or Burberry show without her! There have been plenty of models (think Lily Cole and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) who have segued between both careers without solely choosing one or the other, so hopefully Cara will follow suit and still make an appearance at fashion week and in ad campaigns. But either way — we're so excited for her!

Images: Getty Images; lucbesson/Twitter