16 Really Weird Hillary Clinton 2016 Merchandise Items You Should Totally Get Anyway, Just Because

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2016 will soon be upon us, and political juggernaut Hillary Clinton remains the undisputed frontrunner of the race. Whether you are a Clinton supporter or detractor — and we know there are plenty of you on each side — here's a suggestion: why not try standing out in the sea of pro- or anti- "Clinton 2016" badges with some odd, inexplicably random Hillary Clinton 2016 merchandise that the Internet has graced us with?

The race is still in its early stages, but though there are already a handful of Republican contenders, the Democratic party's ballot remains rather empty. Save for Clinton and far-left Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, no one else has declared that they are running in the Democratic presidential primary, though there are a few names being thrown about, like Vice President Joe Biden's and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley's.

With her breadth of experience and the desire for a female POTUS, there is an excitement surrounding Clinton's campaign, even despite the many controversies she is involved in now (the Clinton Foundation's donor practices and her use of private email while as Secretary of State, to name a couple). Love her or hate her, be sure to be the first in your social clique to secure the weirdest Clinton merch — before everyone and their grandmothers jump on the pro-Clinton or anti-Clinton bandwagon.

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