16 Really Weird Hillary Clinton 2016 Merchandise Items You Should Totally Get Anyway, Just Because

2016 will soon be upon us, and political juggernaut Hillary Clinton remains the undisputed frontrunner of the race. Whether you are a Clinton supporter or detractor — and we know there are plenty of you on each side — here's a suggestion: why not try standing out in the sea of pro- or anti- "Clinton 2016" badges with some odd, inexplicably random Hillary Clinton 2016 merchandise that the Internet has graced us with?

The race is still in its early stages, but though there are already a handful of Republican contenders, the Democratic party's ballot remains rather empty. Save for Clinton and far-left Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, no one else has declared that they are running in the Democratic presidential primary, though there are a few names being thrown about, like Vice President Joe Biden's and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley's.

With her breadth of experience and the desire for a female POTUS, there is an excitement surrounding Clinton's campaign, even despite the many controversies she is involved in now (the Clinton Foundation's donor practices and her use of private email while as Secretary of State, to name a couple). Love her or hate her, be sure to be the first in your social clique to secure the weirdest Clinton merch — before everyone and their grandmothers jump on the pro-Clinton or anti-Clinton bandwagon.

Hillary 2016 Men's Shortsleeve T-shirt Pajama Set

Trying to win over the heart of your politically-astute feminist neighbor? Knock on her door in the morning decked in nothing but this slick pajama set and tousled hair, asking for sugar for your blueberry breakfast pancakes, and BAM! The next thing you know, she’ll be in your kitchen savoring said pancakes and the two of you will be well on your way to a politically-aware relationship.

In the event she turns out to be a staunch anti-Clinton advocate, at least you’ll have gotten her attention.

Image: Cafepress

Hillary Clinton 2016 / Michelle Obama 2024 Car Magnet

What is this? This over-idealistic bumper sticker barely scratches the surface of common sense. Despite her strides as First Lady, Michelle Obama has never held public office and has never before indicated any interest. If the line of POTUSes actually went as such, not only would the U.S. be known as a nation of deep political nepotism, it would just be plain impossible. If anything, this car magnet could probably start some interesting discussions at stoplights.

Image: Cafepress

Bill Clinton Refrigerator Magnet

Not too sure what those arrows and the back-to-back “B’s” are supposed to indicate, but this is kind of funny. Something about Clinton’s head levitating above the words “Bill Clinton For First Dude,” with a talk bubble saying “Bill! Stop That!” really reminds me that I’m in America.

Image: Cafepress

Hillary 2016 Women's Boy Brief

There’s nothing sexier than the knowledge that you’re able to show your support for Clinton — albeit discreetly — on the thin fabric protecting your privates. Who says politics can’t be sexy?

Image: Cafepress

Team Hillary Classic Thong

Ditto. Made in the USA, y’all.

Image: Cafepress

Hillary 2016 Mug

Perfect for drinking your morning coffee, this mug featuring a terribly-lit photograph of Clinton informing you that if she becomes president, she’ll talk so much — because she is a women, and women cannot stop talking — that America’s enemies will bleed from their ears! Hilarious, how good ol’ sexism is alive and well!

Image: Cafepress

Wall Art Poster

This “Wall Art” has literally everything you’d ever want in a poster: Clinton’s smiling face, feminism, political empowerment and, of course, World War II.

Image: Cafepress

Hillary Clinton Picture Frame

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to frame their picture with Clinton’s own? That way, you’d be able to look at a picture of your family, friends, or pet while simultaneously having Clinton’s beaming face(s) stare back at you

Image: Cafepress

Clinton 2016 Car Magnet

Puns are wonderful things — except this one. I’m almost 99 percent sure, though, that I will actually see a number of cars slapped with a bumper sticker of this pun-ny nature sometime between now until the end of the election, and perhaps even in the years to come.

Image: Cafepress

Hillary's Hard Drive

OK, I actually laughed at this one. It’s on Rand Paul’s website, of all things. The description is pure gold, but it leaves me wondering who on his campaign is dedicating so much time to attacking Clinton?

Also, the $99.95 price tag suggests that only someone with too much money — i.e. the 1 percent — would be willing to spend that amount on what amounts to a toy just to mock a politician. I thought only sports fans were that impassioned in their hatred, but, hey, I could be wrong.

Image: Rand Paul Store

Hillary 2016 Yard Sign

For those with a twisted sense of humor, this ad is “Paid for by generations of unborn debt slaves.”

Image: Cafepress

Anti-Hillary Clinton Bumper Sticker

Please, someone — anyone — make this pun stop.

Image: Cafepress

"Hillary's Coming" T-Shirt

Like she’s the apocalypse, or something.

Not only does the page show a picture of this ridiculous shirt in which Clinton threatens to destroy your children's future, the pictures that follow include smiling happy children to show you which children exactly whose futures will be destroyed by the evil green witch Hillary Clinton.

Image: Cafepress

Ready For Hillary Greeting Cards

What is this font? Why did anyone choose to use this dated picture of Clinton? Will anyone in your address book be delighted to receive a greeting card from you declaring your support for Clinton? Why does everything about this card remind me of the ’80s?

Image: Cafepress

Dachshunds For Hillary Bumper Sticker


Image: Cafepress

No Hillary In '16 Bumper Sticker



Image: Cafepress