What Songs Should Nicki Minaj Perform At The Billboard Music Awards? We Have Some Suggestions

It sounds like viewers are in for quite the show now that the performers list for the Billboard Music Awards includes big names such as Kanye West, Imagine Dragons, Wiz Khalifa and the Nicki Minaj. This is all in addition to the previously-announced performers, which include Nick Jonas (I don't know about you, but I'm still obsessed with "Jealous"), Mariah Carey, Hozier and Fall Out Boy. But back to the most important piece of this news: Minaj performing at the awards show. According to Billboard, Minaj is planning on performing her new single "The Night Is Still Young," as well as the song "Hey Mama." But, her performance begs the question: Will Nicki Minaj perform any other songs at the Billboard Music Awards? For instance, if she has enough time on stage (and she should have all the time on stage, because she is QUEEN NICKI MINAJ) it would certainly be amazing to see her perform a medley of her greatest hits.

I know that Minaj needs to promote her new songs, but there's something about the idea of the rapper back on stage that makes me want to see her older hits. And the Billboard Music Awards, of all places, seems like the perfect setting for some proper Nicki Minaj nostalgia, as her hits have demolished the tops of the Billboard charts for years now. If Wiz Khalifa can be joined on stage with help from Charlie Puth and Lindsey Stirling to perform his hit "See You Again" from Furious 7, and Imagine Dragons can do a cover of Ben E. King's "Stand By Me" in the late singer's honor, anything can happen during the Billboard Music Awards. All I'm asking for is one teeny, tiny Nicki Minaj best hits blowout performance. That's not much to ask for, is it?

It'd be even better if these songs were included too:

1. "Anaconda" & "Pills N Potions"

One of the newest hits in Minaj's repertoire, "Anaconda" is only on the list because the people would demand it. But I'm more interested in "Pills n Potions," the far superior song.

2. "Super Bass"


3. "Starships"

Once again, obviously.

4. "Bang Bang"

The Billboard Music Awards can get Jesse J and Ariana Grande to come in and perform this number really fast, right?

5. "Monster"

If Kanye West is already performing at the Billboard Music Awards, it doesn't seem like a stretch if him and Minaj to perform this hit song from West's album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

6. "Moment 4 Life"

Drake + Nicki + Billboard Music Awards = Dynamite. Enough said.

7. Whatever The Hell She Wants To Do

Seriously, let Minaj go up onstage and rap the phone book for all I care. She is incredible on stage, and it would still be awesome.

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