'Catfish' Is Taking A Break, But Not For Long

It feels like just yesterday that Max returned from his five episode break at the beginning of Catfish Season 4, and now we've got to go a couple of months without any Catfish? What is this life? After a Max-filled hour of "Where Are They Now" on MTV's favorite "gotcha" show, Catfish will go on hiatus. I know, that's not an easy pill to swallow. Take it all in and mourn appropriately. Watch your favorite episodes from the past four seasons and grab your calendar and flip to July, because Catfish will be back before you know it.

Catfish Season 4 will return July 8, with a brand new bunch of Internet tricksters who think they can pull a fast one on some of TV's best cyber-sleuths. I know it seems like an unusually long time, but I think we can get through this together if we think of all the amazing episodes that are in our semi near future. This season of Catfish has by no means been disappointing, in fact, the show has introduced an entirely new theme to the show that I really support. Here's to hoping that when Catfish returns we'll see the following things from Nev and Max.

More Guest Hosts

Here me out. I love Max and Nev. I love their dynamic. I also love when someone as enthusiastic as Tyler Oakley joins the crew to track down some tricky people online. Maybe we can introduce a policy where just once in a while, a celeb guest host jumps in, just for one episode, to keep things fresh.

More Sassy Nev

I love sassy Nev. I think we need to see more of him.

More Shade Thrown By Max

Max loves throwing shade, and I love to see Max throwing shade. He's got the best one liners and has never held back when calling out sketchy characters on the show. Hopefully the remainder of Season 4 will contain more Max-isms.

Less Fake Catfish Couples

I'm not talking about people who turn out to be someone entirely different than who they say they are, I'm talking about people who use the show for a free plane ticket. That's not why this show was created, so let's not use it as that.

More Success Stories

Maybe this is the hopeless romantic within me, but I want there to be more love connections! I want that update Skype call to show that people are still dating, or at least still really good friends. Here's to love!

More Zac Efron

... OK, fine. This is wishful thinking.

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