Nobody Should Dare Bleep Cher

Last night, immortal cultural icon Cher made a guest appearance as a judge and musical performer on Dancing With the Stars. The episode's highlight was DEFINITELY when Elizabeth Berkeley resurrected her Showgirls skills in a jazz number set to Cher's very own "Bang Bang," which was more or less a love letter to Cher herself. Be more obvious, Berkeley. Anyway, the dance number was extremely sexual, which was cool with Cher, who said in her judging: "I thought it was rough, and I liked the rough part of it." OMG, CHER! She went on to say (or begin to say), "I like it when a..." and then a long, long awkward silence. ABC, what up with that?

They didn't even cut to another scene! I guess that is impossible for live TV but you don't just bleep CHER on primetime TV. That's like, social suicide. Advanced lip-reading notes that Cher was probably saying "I like it when a woman is in control," which is apparently language too graphic and tawdry for the TV. You can watch the dance below, and then forget about the dance immediately when you watch the 10-second silence over Cher's voice:

Cher was so over ABC's uptight bleeping, though, which she tweeted about (thank god):

Damn right. Cher don't take shit.