There's An Out Of This World Chewbacca Hoodie

Let’s be real for a second: Star Wars was one of the greatest movies of all time. Not The Godfather. Not Pulp Fiction. Not whatever independent-hipster documentary you saw at your local not-for-profit indie theater. Star Wars. For sci-fi adventure film fans, Star Wars is the root of everything, so yeah, we pay homage to our roots by making a Chewbacca hoodie. Basically, if you’re a fan of Star Wars AND hoodies, then take a deep breath, because this is real. I'm talking about a hoodie that actually turns you into Chewbacca.

ANYWAY, Star Wars is really important, and if you’re not a fan, you should be. It’s the classic hero’s journey that we consumed in so many forms as children, but it comes to us through the portal of our televisions from another world, and another time. It’s funny, endearing, gripping, heartbreaking, and inspiring all at the same time. For many of us, it was the gateway to sci-fi and to fantasy. For me, it cemented my life path as a storyteller. And also cemented my life path as a person who gets really excited by hyperrealistic fandom hoodies.

I mean, come on, even if you're not a fan, you can't help but get pumped about this:

This furry hoodie will allow you to masquerade as Han Solo’s BFF in even the hairiest situations. Heck, it even comes equipped with a bandolier. Need a quick outfit for a cosplay? Check. Halloween? Check. A cozy night in? Check. A drink with your buddy at the cantina?? CHECK!!! Can an article of clothing get anymore awesome?

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Images: We Love Fine